maandag 27 mei 2013

zondag 26 mei 2013

You're not going anywhere, the game is.

I just had to post this part of a project update from the Kickstarter by Bare Mettle Entertainment about the game they are making with the help of their Kickstarter.
The game is called Sui Generis, you can read more here on Kickstarter.

"We feel that in recent years the focus of most CRPGs has shifted from creating an immersive world to providing a streamlined gameplay experience. Rarely is there room for subtlety or engaging your wits. Games have been evolving into something where anyone can play for a while and feel they've achieved something. Ultimately though, our achievements are purely virtual, and we didn't even have fun. You're not going anywhere, the game is. You're just along for the ride and nothing you do really matters. We don't exactly come out feeling like we've accomplished something, more like we've satisfied some addiction. It's easy to forget, but we know that games can be genuinely fun, worthwhile and stimulating.

The kind of roleplaying experience we dreamed of and hope to create is one that hasn't been possible without a human game master who can intelligently respond to all your actions. We want your actions to have meaningful effects, not as pre-scripted "choice and consequences" over which we have no real insight or control, but as a world that is affected realistically by everything you do. We want you to be able to make mistakes, to fail and to feel that your successes are your own. We even want you to accomplish things that we as designers have never foreseen. We want a world capable of supporting your most creative strategies, where hypothetical scenarios turn out to be real. We're talking about roleplaying, immersion, being master of your own character in a world that can make you believe it is real".

This quote exactly captures how i have been feeling about gaming and games, no matter how great they were and i thought i liked them.
No matter how much i loved games like Mass Effect or Dragon Age, i still have to finish a second playthrough, i mean i want to but i just can't, i allready know what's going to happen, what my choices are going to be, so you allready know how the game is going to end.
And to be honest games like Skyrim and Oblivion are much the same when it comes to questing, the only difference (and reason i still play them) is that you can still just roam around in the world and add lots of stuff through mods.

The same thing goes for MMO's, it's all one big scripted adventure with an outcome allready set, the developers have allready made up the story for you and you are just along for the ride, in the end you know you will be the hero of the world, the saviour of the galaxy.
The path has allready been layed out for you, the only choice you get is path A,B or C (Good, Neutral or Bad) but the end result is always the same.
 Quote: You're not going anywhere, the game is.
In the end it should be a choice i made, not a multiple choice answer given to me by the developers.

So, yeah i am kind of excited to see if Bare Mettle can pull this off with Sui Generis and i am glad i backed a game like this.
It would be awesome to blog about my game progress and know that i have a completely different story than anyone else playing the same game.

Until then i'll just keep dreaming...

vrijdag 24 mei 2013

A time to mourn and there is a time to dance.

Just a little video i made over 4 years ago, i still miss this game...

I always had the intention of making a follow up, showing most of the locations in the game, but yeah, the game shutting down kinda made that impossible. This was actually the first movie i ever made :)

I really had a passion for that game, i was making movies, took tons of screenshots, had a community website and even did a podcast, hasn't happened since for any game, nor do i feel any passion like that for any game.

donderdag 23 mei 2013

Commander Shepard says hi.

Haven't blogged in a long time...
So my 6th year "blogging anniversary" (on Feb 18th) went by without me noticing..
So to make that up i am posting this picture of Commander Shepard :)

Now that's something you didn't see ingame did ya :)

This is one of the things i am doing lately, i made this in a program called XNALara and it's all done with models from the game (Mass Effect.. duh) and a lot of patience trying to pose them :)

Anyways i am still alive, just very quiet when it comes to blogging and gaming.
Been playing some Sims and... well that's about it, i guess i am just tired of gaming mostly, i am tired of MMO's, it's all the same just with some new pretty graphics, blah, blah..

The only games that i have some interrest in right now are basicly RPG with a really good storyline or the really big open world RPG's like Skyrim, Fallout etc.
I really like to be able to change anything in the game i like, so it becomes a game i like and not a game that someone thinks i like.
Also one of the reasons i played a lot of the Sims lately, you can just about change anything you like in that game with the right mods and of course the same goes with games like Skyrim &  Fallout New Vegas.

And then there is my latest "addiction" messing around in programs like XNALara or Gmod, importing models form games and.. well just pose them around in different scenery's and take screenshots :)
I've also been checking out stuff like 3DS Max and Blender, but for now that's kinda out of my league.
Been trying to import my own custom Shepard from Mass Effect but so far this is all i got:

I've managed to import everything from my custom Shepard, like the head, hair and body but so far i have not managed to get the textures on the model right..
But it's always fun to learn new stuff and hopefully i will manage to get it right sometime :)

This blog is not dead (yet), just a little quiet. Who knows there isn't much i am looking forward to this year in gaming, apart form some Kickstarter stuff, but i might show up here every now and then.