zaterdag 31 mei 2008

I regret buying GH3 for PC and want my money back.


No support..
No downloadable content, so no new songs..

The game has been out for over 6 months now on pc and the only way to get new (or old GH songs) is to basicly go illegal and download stuff of off bittorrent..
Way to go !!!, is this what you want !!!

I was actually becoming a big fan of GH, but this is it.
I cancelled my pre-order for GH Aerosmith (was very excited about this) and will not buy anything until they get their acts together and start giving support for the pc version (actually i might not buy anything even if they do, it's too little too late).

I have all versions of GH for the PS 2 i even bought a Kramer wireless for the PS2, and i can live with the fact of not having online stuff for this as i knew i wouldn't get any, but i bought GH3 for the PC because i love gaming on my pc and i sort of expected to get support and downloadable content for it.
And i am not getting anything GH for my Xbox360, as i am not willing to spend even more money on it, if i wanted 360 stuff i would have bought it in the first place.

Congrats Activision/Aspyr you just lost a customer/fan (EDITED.. there was some more stuff here that on second thought i decided not to post)

woensdag 28 mei 2008

Age of Conan


Did a bit more questing with my barbarian, leveled her up to lvl 12.
Still having lots of fun playing Age of Conan, although the quests at Tortage are becoming a bit boring after doing them several times, been through them in beta and with my first char and now again.

dinsdag 27 mei 2008

A Barbarian


Played a bit more with my necromancer, reached level 23 but got kind of bored with it, somehow i seem to end up with quest that require me to travel all over the world, even through zones that were way above my level. The first 20 levels went pretty fast, on avarage i would say one level per hour, but now with all the traveling, it's extremely slow.
So i started up another char, this time i choose a Cimmerian barbarian, only played her through the "tutorial" to level 5 and she's now in Tortage, so far it's a fun class to play.

maandag 26 mei 2008

By Mitra!


Been playing a bit more of Age of Conan, reached level 22 and left Tortage.
So far the quests are not as cool/good as they were in Tortage, hopefully that will change.

zondag 25 mei 2008

By Crom!


Been playing Age of Conan and having lots of fun, started on a necromancer who is now level 20.
Although some quests are quite annoying, like having to go back to the same dungeon/instance you just came from having to do a "follow up" on the same quest that brought you there in the first place... really, really annoying...
But mostly it's been fun.

zaterdag 24 mei 2008

What have i been up to??

Well haven't been blogging in some time, mostly due to the fact that there wasn't much to blog about, been having migraine headaches for the last couple of weeks, so not much gaming.
The few times that i wasn't down with migraine headaches i was playing Grand Theft Auto 4 on the xbox360, i got really hooked to this game, just awesome!!


I never played any of the previous GTA's so i guess it was extra cool for me :)
Some people have been recommending me to get GTA San Andreas as they think it's better than GTA4,so i have ordered it on PC.

I also recieved my collectors edition of Age of Conan (looks awesome btw), so i am hoping to get into some gaming there, if i can get myself away from GTA4 that is :)

Also in "preparation for Age of Conan, i started playing Conan on the Xbox360, having fun slashing away.


dinsdag 6 mei 2008

Age of Conan


I am still playing in the open beta for Age of Conan, but allready on a second character, my first an assassin reached lvl 13 pretty quick and since that's the lvl limit in the beta i'm in, so no sense in playing on with this char.
So i created a second one and this time went for necromancer and have to say i like it even more than assassin (so far).

So still having fun while it lasts or until i get my CE of Age of Conan.

zondag 4 mei 2008

If at first you don't succeed..


Finally managed to beat Guitar Hero 3 on PC in easy, although it was a lot easier than when i did it on the PS2 :)
I also finally managed to get through Raining Blood, i never managed to finish the song on the PS2, but on the PC i did manage to get through the song on my first attempt.


May not be an impressive score but i am sure glad to finish it, now of course to try and get a better score on it :)

I am having a great time again with Guitar Hero, eventhough my fingers are starting to feel numb :)

vrijdag 2 mei 2008

Guitar Hero III on PC


I finally went ahead and bought Guitar Hero III on the PC, i don't always feel like playing on the PS2 or turning it on just to play a game when i am at my PC, so now i can play on the PC, which looks al lot better then the PS2 IMHO.
The only downside is i have to start all over again with the songs in career mode, i can say i am not looking forward to the guitar battle against Lou :)

Age of Conan


I just started playing the Age of Conan open beta and i have to say i like it, it doesn't "feel" too much fantasy like i feared i kind of like this "barbarian" age feel, so i went ahead and pre-ordered the CE.
Allready leveled up to lv 9.