zaterdag 26 september 2009

Console time

Lately i have been playing quite a bit on my consoles and kind of ignored my PC.

Shadow Complex on the Xbox360, actually a lot of fun, as far as i know it's only available on the Xbox marketplace, but it's definatly worth it. It reminds me a lot of the old sidescrolling games and it really surprised me. I really recommend this game.

inFamous on the PS3, finally got around to playing it, had it laying around since it came out, but never got to it. Definatly my favorite type of game (open world/sandbox like game) and sure is a lot of fun, goes right in with some of my other favorites like Saints Row (1&2), Crackdown. So if you like these type of games, go for it.

I also got the urge to play Crackdown again, after reading about Crackdown 2. Still haven't finished it, but after all this time it is still fun.

Zombie Apocalypse for Xbox360, I only tried the demo, was kind of fun, only a bit annoyed by the fact that once a zombie manages to grab you, there's nothing you can do to (try) break free (as far as i know from playing the demo, unless i missed something). Other than that it does what it says shoot as many zombies as you can, so a fun little time waster :)

I did manage to get a little PC time with Prototype, it came out around the same time as inFamous, but my preference went to inFamous, so until now i never got around to try it, i got it on D2D. Somehow i think Prototype doesn't like my PC very much as it doesn't run very well, eventhough i have a pretty high end rig... It definatly doesn't run under my 3840x1024 screen resolution and can't be changed in any way, normally you can mess around a bit with the settings in some files but this game has those files coded...
Kind of dissapointing but it doesn't look like a bad game, maybe it will run better on a console, but on PC.....

So on to my major dissapointment... WET (on PS3), when i saw Bethesda was publishing this game i figured it had to be a good game, or atleast fun, but i really can't understand Bethesda for actually endorsing this game and publishing it, for me this game put a dent in Bethesda's reputation, so far i could pick up a Bethesda game and be pretty sure i would enjoy it (for me Bethesda was like Bioware), but this "game" definatly changed that..
From now on i will definatly wait for reviews to see what the game is like and/or try the demo before buying a Bethesda game. Right now i am "done" with this game and don't know if i'll ever pick it up again, i can't really recommend this game, really a waste of money, maybe if you find it for a few bucks/euros, but definatly not for full price.
I have to give it to them though, they managed to be the first game to have me through my controller across the room, no game has managed that so far (achievement earned).

zondag 20 september 2009

Roleplayin' Age of Conan Machinima

Just found this really fun series on youtube and wanted to share them, i think they're awesome.
Don't forget to check them all five out if you like them, there is episode 0 to 4.

zaterdag 19 september 2009

Riddle me this Batman

Batman Arkham Asylum 2009-09-19 05-48-34-01

So i got a little sidetracked from Fallen Earth :)
I bought Batman: Arham Asylum through D2D cause i heard so much about it, i wanted to wait for the PC version, and guess what it is a lot of fun :)

So far i am only 3% into the game (according to the gamestats) and it's really fun and so far i'd have to say one of the better ports, no issues so far with the camera, controls or anything.

Batman has always been kind of my favorite comics character and this game definatly feels "right". Although it has been quite some years since i read any Batman comics, think the last ones were the Dark Knight series and the Killing Joke, who were awesome.

EDIT: of course i spoke too soon, once again Games For Windows Live is screwing up... it want's to update the game and disconnects me from GfWL if i don't update, updating gets stuck close to finishing and just sits there...

donderdag 17 september 2009

Good old Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth 2009-07-05 11-45-25-76

Not a whole lot of news to post about other than playing lots of Fallen Earth.
Reached level 8 last night, so i am slowly progressing.

I am really getting into Fallen Earth, really enjoy the look and feel of the game, the "sandbox" feeling i get from it, almost giving me the feelings i had way back in the old Star Wars Galaxies.

Haven't had this much fun since Tabula Rasa and it gives me a good feeling to hear the devs aren't aiming to become the next huge mmo on the market, more that they are aiming to become a "niche" game, in which i think they completely succeed. Unlike Tabula Rasa, who obviously aimed for higher numbers and "the next big thing" while they were very clearly a niche game.

It's been a long time since i had that excitement feeling about going home to play that game or actually wanting to go home to get ingame..
Also i haven't been in a guild for a long time, SWG was the last game i was actually in a guild, but i am all set up to join the guild that is being formed by Shawn from the (awesome) "Through the Aftermath" podcast, which should be formed in the very near future.

So you'll probably be hearing from Fallen Earth on this blog for quite some time :)

See you out in the wastelands!

BTW: If you're a Fallen Earth fan, don't forget to join up at Fallen Earth Wanderers :)

zondag 13 september 2009

Fallen Earth Wanderers

Since i really enjoyed running AFS Soldiers for Tabula Rasa i figured i'd have a go at it again :)
So i have created Fallen Earth Wanderers, you can find it here:

I only got it up and running minutes ago and it still needs some work, but i wanted to get it going ASAP :)

zaterdag 12 september 2009

Riding towards the apocalypse

Fallen Earth

I am slowly progressing in Fallen Earth, but having lots of fun.

Few downsides, often combat lags like crazy, as in enemies rubberbanding and hits not registering, often resulting in death, which is obviously not fun.
But i think this pre-order early access is still somewhat of a beta, since the game has not officially launched yet, although many people seem to forget that.

looking at what the Fallen Earth Team has done so far i am pretty impressed and think many "bigger" mmo companies can look at Fallen Earth as an example.
Personally i have full convidence in Fallen Earth!

On another note, as you can see in this screenshot i have the Wasteland Runner horse, i know in my previous post i showed my ATV, so yes i have both now.
I really like the horse as it looks pretty cool and the main reason for me getting it is, i used up all the gas in my ATV and it is damn expensive to get a full tank of gas, right now i can't affort it.
I know i can easily get a horse in game, but i think this horse looked way cooler than the ingame horse you can get, so i got a second copy of the game just to get the Wasteland Runner next to my Fallen Earth ATV :)

See you out in the wastelands!

woensdag 9 september 2009

Fallen Earth early access and ATV.

Fallen Earth ATV

Started playing Fallen Earth's Early access today thanks to the pre-order and also got a cool looking ATV, as you can see in the screenie i am playing as Cynfull.
Hoping to have lots of fun ahead in FE.

donderdag 3 september 2009

Everquest 2: changing a class

EverQuest2 2009-09-03 12-46-56-01

I have been having a lot of fun in Everquest 2 lately and it wasn't with my main, Endellion.
The main problem i think i was having with playing my main was that i betrayed Freeport and kinda had to "re-learn" all skills at a higher level, i was so used to playing a necromancer and had learned using her skills from level 1, when i betrayed i was all of a sudden a conjurer with all new skills and although they are probably very much alike , i still had troubles getting into playing a conjurer.

I started playing a ranger (Cynfull) from the start, who is now lvl 18 and i am having a blast. I really think it helps a lot to learn playing your character from the start and understand all skills as i get them along the way, instead of getting skills at a higher level like i did when i betrayed with my main.

Of course this kind of talk isn't new, ever since people were able to buy max level characters in some mmo's, people have claimed you couldn't play a character well unless you levelled him/her up yourself.
To be honest i never really thought much about it, but right now in Everquest 2 i definatly feel that way and i didn't even get a max level character, i basicly just changed classes with my main and i still have problems getting into it and finding the right skills to use at the right time and as a result get my ass kicked a lot..
I have no doubt that if i really take some time for it i will be able to learn, but right now i am having a blast with my ranger and i will probably keep playing her and rather get the skills as i level up :)

woensdag 2 september 2009

Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth

Eventhough the beta did not completely convince me, i still preordered Fallen Earth.
One of the main things i really enjoyed was the crafting/gathering/scavenging.

Also still hoping the graphics will improve some more at launch, i did log in the last few hours of beta and compared to a few months ago they have definatly improved, i was playing at highest settings and getting around 30fps, although in some cities it dropped dramaticly below 10fps.

I am still not a big fan of the combat, but i think i'll be mainly playing as a crafter anyway.

I never really got to the higher levels of the game, i went through several character whipes and i think the highest i got was level 6, so there is still plenty to explore.

So i can't wait to check it out at launch and get into my cool looking "Fallen Earth" ATV (although i am still waiting on my code to be able to add that ATV to my account).