maandag 27 augustus 2007



Played a bit of EverQuest, started a new char (necromancer) and leveled to lvl 4

zaterdag 25 augustus 2007



So far looking great, typical Asian type MMO, meaning lots of grinding inbetween missions/quests.
Might continue playing this one.

Only downside, i think this game is still in beta (is mentioned on the website) yet gold sellers are allready spamming their wares..

Deicide Online


Deicide Online, Wierd game, first of it started with a popup from my mcafee virusscan about somekind of virus (named W32/Virut.b) being destroyed (which seemed to have been part of a patch).
Second, no directions on what to do, where to go...

Not a very good start for an MMO..

Mainly because of this virus thing, this game is going to the recycle bin.

Silkroad Online


Thought i'd give Silkroad Online a go.

Starting over.


Only have a few days left on my account, until i finally get Station access running, i won't be playing Vanguard after that.
I filed a customer support ticket because of the problems i am having getting my subscriptions upgraded to station access.
I am still waiting (5 days so far) for a "tier 2 specialist" to respond to my ticket .

Anyway, decided to roll a new character on Vanguard, with my main (lvl 14 high-elf Bard) i seem to be stuck on questing, don't know where to go, what to do next...
Maybe i missed a quest somewhere..
Plus i am not very happy with playing a bard, so i rolled a new character, a human necromancer.
Hopefully i can keep going on the questline with this one..

vrijdag 24 augustus 2007

dinsdag 21 augustus 2007

Tabula Rasa Intro Cinematic

Just wanted to share this awesome trailer of Tabula Rasa.

From youtube:

It's obvious where their ideas came from, this sounds a lot like Sarah Conner in T2 Judgement Day. Cool !! :)

Collectors Edition


I recently ordered the collectors edition of Tabula Rasa and just found some pics of it online.
Stuff is looking really great, can't wait to recieve it :)


Tabula Rasa

"All right, the Bane are on our left, they're on our right, they're in front of us, they're behind us...they can't get away this time!"
— Anonymous ASF Officer

Just came across this quote, think i've heard it before somewhere but i really liked it :)

maandag 20 augustus 2007

On my radar

Just a little list with (future) games that are on my radar.

In no particulair order:

Tabula Rasa
Pirates of the Burning Sea
The Secret world
Age of Conan
Gods & Heroes
The Chronicles of Spellborn
The Agency
Star Trek Online
Hero's Journey
Fallen Earth

Vanguard, one last look


Apart from the beta's i'm in i played a little bit of Vanguard, decided to have a few last looks before my subscription runs out on the 9th next month.
I've cancelled my account, along with Matrix Online and Everquest II, i might return when/if i am able to get a Station Access account.
At this time it is not possible for me to get Station Access and i am not going to pay for all these games if i am only occasionally playing them, Station Access will cost me half of what i am paying for them together (incl. Star Wars Galaxies) and will even give me access to more games and why pay more if you don't have to..
However since i payed my subscriptions with global collect i seem not to be able to get Station Access until the subscriptions run out (according to customer service), which probably means i have to wait until my SWG sub runs out in March 2008 (i was stupid enough to pay 12 month in advance), as you can only get Station Access with a credit card.....

On Vanguard.., well it was awfully quiet, apart from the gold spam tells, i only saw a few people in there, the cities that used to look very busy with players, now look deserted.
Maybe the coming server merges will change this quite a bit and make it feel less like you're playing a single player game.
It still looks great and i'll defenatly be back sometime, still think this game has a lot of potential.

zondag 19 augustus 2007

Dark Star One


after trying the demo for Dark Star One, bought the game, looking great.
Reminds me a lot of Freelancer, but than again i have only just started playing.

woensdag 8 augustus 2007

Let's screw customers, pillage their wallets and get some booty !!

Played a little bit of Pirates of the Caribbean: the legend of Jack Sparrow....
What a bullshit game, obviously just made to get some quick cash of off a populair franchise.
This game was obviously made for console gamers, for regular pc gamers who don't own an analog stick (like me) the controls make no sence whatsoever and to make matter worse, you can't even change any of the key bindings/controller setting, the least they could have done was put some effort in this game and make it an actual PC game.
To find out about controls i had to go search the internet, cause there's no mention in game about what keys to use to do your specials (or even what specials you have) or how to perform certain actions, all you get are symbols (like on console) and an onscreen message about using your analog stick (i mean WTF i am not using one!!!), your mouse pointer is invisible and won't do a damn thing in game and is basicly only used to execute an attack, all other things have to be done by using keys, but if you don't know what keys to push to use them.. (ok i found the WASD keys to move around, at least they got that right).
The box i bought was a "Ubisoft Exclusive" (thought with Ubisoft you can't go wrong) without any manual whatsoever, not even a pdf file or something on the cd.
Combined with a load of bugs, this is the last time i played this game, what a waste of money...
The people producing such crap should have take note of another game i played today.

Tortuga: Two Treasures
Now this is how gameplay should be !

So far i haven't reached very far in this game, but it has been a lot of fun.
Basicly i can be short about this game :)
I'm gonna have loads of fun playing this one!

OK, now back to beta :)


Well still doing a lof stuff i can't talk about yet, due to the NDA's, but i am still actively gaming :)

In other news....
Bad Behavior has blocked 658 access attempts in the last 7 days.

Nice to know my site security is doing a good job and stopping all kinds of malicious or illegal activities.....
Why the heck is it so important for "people" to mess with an insignificant little site like mine, that hardly has any visitors at all, let alone read any comments ???
A few spam comments still got through though, but the ip's they posted the comments from have now been banned from this site.

Sometimes i wonder why i do this, when there's more people apperantly messing with this site than actually reading stuff or even take an interrest in this.
Hmm, i guess i am just doing this for my own fun, because i want to do it, and don't care if anyone even reads the shit i put up here :)