zaterdag 17 december 2011

That's no ship, that's my home!

After questing on Coruscant for some time i finally reached the stage were i had no more quests left other than that final class quest, the one were i get my ship back (which is stolen from me at the start of the game).

I had tried that quest before but the end boss had been too tough for me to beat, but after finishing the last couple of heroic quests that were left and reaching level 16 i was finally able to beat him.

And it was an awesome sight to see those big doors slide open and get the first sight of my ship.

See my character walk up to it

And take one good look at the ship

And she is a beauty

Feels good to be back home

And we are off "to worlds unknown" :)

I really enjoyed this moment, it was a really nice scene and am glad i managed to get a couple of screenies.

Definatly feels good to be leaving Coruscant, and i have to say they didn't overdo it, it was just long enough, or i should say short enough to not get boring.
Personally i tend to get bored if i am questing in the same area for too long.

Anyways now it is off to Taris and see what that will bring me.
I have allready set foot on Taris and it looks awesome.

vrijdag 16 december 2011

SWTOR: Collectors Edition (pics)


Today i picked up my SWTOR Collectors Edition and i have to say it looks awesome, very well done.




donderdag 15 december 2011

The Galaxy Can Wait

swtor 2011-12-14 17-11-05-30

So far everything has gone really smooth, must say it's one of the smoothest launches i have experienced so far. Of course the "real" launch still has to come, but looking at how things went i am pretty confident there won't be many problems when the game fully launches.

So far i have been taking it easy, as i wanna enjoy the story en enviroment as i go along.
I allready played through the first 10 levels of the smuggler in the weekend beta so there is nothing new for me, but i am still enjoying it.
Levelling seems to be pretty fast, last night i only played about an hour and still got one more level on my character, so she is now level 5.

There will probably be plenty of rushing through content later when i will start levelling alts :)

Still i can't wait to finally get into the content i have not reached during beta, as it is kinda boring to go through content i played through just a little while ago, although that is of course completely my own fault for playing the class that i wanted to play at launch in the beta, i should have listened to my initial thoughts and not touch the smuggler during the beta than it would have all been new to me :)
But it's not that much of a problem, since i'll be at level 10 in no time, heading off to Coruscant and into new content.

swtor 2011-11-26 04-48-16-53

On a side note i really enjoy reading these "story notes" you get while loading into the game, as they kinda tell you what your character has been up to and give a little recap of what you're about to do :)

woensdag 14 december 2011

SWTOR: The Saga Begins

swtor 2011-12-13 22-16-01-47

I had almost given up on getting in on the early game access and was about ready to head off to bed, when i got the email in my inbox that told me "Your Saga Begins".
So needless to say i lost a little bit of sleep :)

My (first) character is a smuggler called Morenn, i am playing on the server "Sanctum of the Exalted" where i joined a guild with the folks of MultiPlaying called Delusions of Grandeur.

I didn't get much time ingame but still managed to get to level 4 on Morenn.

zaterdag 3 december 2011

Great, kid. Don't get cocky.

swtor 2011-11-26 15-03-14-94

Like many others i was also part of the beta test last weekend, along with probably everyone else, as i saw pretty much all of my Raptr friends playing SWTOR.

Eventhough i signed up for beta the day they opened signups i never got into the beta until last weekends test. I always had mixed feelings about it, on the one hand i really wanted to get into the beta (and help testing) but on the other hand i was kind of worried, that if i would get into the beta i might burn out on it, as i am pretty sure i would have been testing all the time.

So when the game launches, pretty much everything is new and fresh for me and all a new experience, although i could not resist rolling a smuggler in last weekends test, the smuggler has been the class that looked most interresting to me and i will definatly be rolling a smuggler on launch.

My first impressions of the game were mixed, initially it took me some time to get used to the (stylised, almost cartoon like) graphics, but once i got used to the graphics i really started enjoying myself.
The storyline for smuggler is definatly a cool story and i can't wait to check out the other classes.

Most of the quests i did were fun to do, although there are a couple of quests that will be very annoying on launch day, think of a few hundred people going for the same chests to loot an item while it takes some time before a chest respawns.
I was allready frustrated by this one quest in beta so i can only imagine what it will be like on launch: chest spawns, surrounded by 3-4 enemies, you go in fight the enemies so you can loot the chest (you can't loot while in combat), but while you are fighting someone else pops up and loots the chest, chest gone...

I only made it to level 12 on my character, so i don't know what the game will be like later on, but the story and questing up to that level was a lot of fun.

Apart from one graphical bug with an armor piece and the first server i created a character on going down within 10-15 mins i encountered no bugs or problems and gameplay was pretty smooth for me.
All in all i am pretty sure i will be having a lot of fun in SWTOR.

vrijdag 2 december 2011

Books, gotta get 'em all

For some reason Ever since i started playing Skyrim i developed an obsession with books.

From the start i wanted to collect them all, whenever i see books laying around i need to check whether i can take them or not.
And eventhough i am a member of The thieves guild i still don't like taking stuff from people without a good reason, well unless they are being jerks the moment i meet them, then i won't feel as bad taking their books :)

However there is one thing i rarely do and that's actually reading them, i think i only read a few books from start to end, usually i just flip a few pages and that's it.

So when i found this Blogpost i was somewhat excited.
Here you can download all of the Skyrim books in one Ebook, so you can read it on your iPhone, iPad or whatever device you use while on the go without having to play the game or waste your gaming time reading books :)