maandag 30 juni 2008

Getting badge and dissapointed

SwgClient_r 2008-06-30 02-01-48-53

After attending about 14 ceremonies, Akean finally got called by Princess Leia to recieve her "Hero of Remembrance Day" badge.

I also had a go at the new meatlump theme park (was very excited to get started, as with most new quests) only to find out that once again i am sruck on an elite mob that i can't take down with my Smuggler/Beast Master build.
It takes this elite mob (level 90) about 3 hits to kill me (level 90) and my (presently) level 33 pet isn't much help either.
And to make it even more dissapointing.. on my, 3rd or 4th attempt, i started attacking the elite mob, someone else popped up aided in the fight, the mob got killed and he got credit for killing it, he didn't even speak to the mob and that's what you're suppose to do according to the quest dialogue, me...?? well i still have to kill it (of course the person popping up dissapeared as fast as he showed up).

Somehow i have a feeling i am being punished for my choice of the Smuggler/Beast Master build, i'm not even able to make a dent in an elite mobs health bar, yet it takes an elite mob about 3 hits to get my health down and incap me and that's including using my heal during the "fight".

So right now i am stuck on almost every new quest (since they implemented elite mobs) and i am about ready to quit this game (after playing since 2004).

However i have decided to keep playing (for now), try to level up my pet and see if that's going to make a difference, if it doesn't i am probably going to quit SWG, almost every freaking new quest has elite mobs in them and i am not going to be forced to group up for them.
I don't mind a difficult fight, as long as i know i have a chance of taking the mob down, a difficult fight is a challenge, but when it takes a mob 3 hits to take me down it is quite obvious it's impossible.

Just to give an idea, i looked at my combat logs, i am doing hits that are around 150-238, that mob did hits well around 2400 to 2768...


zondag 29 juni 2008

Akean returns to active duty

SwgClient_r 2008-06-29 02-37-35-51

Logged in to Star Wars Galaxies, to have a look around and check out the Empire Day celebrations (and get some gifts).
Also been trying to get the "Remembrance day" badge but so far no luck..

In other news my main has once again joined the rebellion, after being a "neutral" smuggler for a long time, Akean has once again joined the good fight, after leaving the rebellion to for a career in smuggling, she found herself back home when she once again met Princess Leia and knew she had to return to active duty.

donderdag 26 juni 2008

Blauwe Vingers

Blauwe Vingers 2008-06-26 16-23-58-53

Started playing a game called "Blauwe Vingers" (link) which is basicly an adventure/history game situated in Zwolle (a city in the Netherlands).
The game was made by 5 students from the Deltion College and i have to say it looks quite nice.
Can't wait to have a little bit more time to really dive into it.

zaterdag 21 juni 2008

zaterdag 14 juni 2008

Exploring Conall's Valley

AgeOfConan 2008-06-14 19-52-52-60

Got quite a number of quests done today and Morenn reached level 25, also did a bit of exploring, there is some great scenery to be seen in Age of Conan.
Still having lots of fun playing Age of Conan.

Also picked up a book, Conan of Cimmeria, so i can read up on the lore behind Conan.

vrijdag 13 juni 2008

Play my song.

VGClient 2008-06-12 01-44-36-10

Continued doing a couple of quests in Vanguard with Endellion, she is now a level 15 bard.

donderdag 12 juni 2008

Flight of the griffon

VGClient 2008-06-12 02-35-58-40

Played a little bit of Vanguard today, finally picking up with a couple of quests and finishing some of them, also went for a flight on a griffon, which was a lot of fun but awfully short. It was over before i knew it :)
Only played with my main Endellion a lvl 14 bard, who is now almost lvl 15

woensdag 4 juni 2008



Only had a little time to game so i fired up the Xbox360 and played a little Conan.
really fun hack & slash.

dinsdag 3 juni 2008

Clan Moragh Settlement

AgeOfConan 2008-06-02 19-02-58-20

Wanted to continue doing some quests around the Clan Moragh Settlement, but unfortianatly my gaming session got cut short :(

maandag 2 juni 2008

Into Conarch village

AgeOfConan 2008-06-02 19-41-31-68

Didn't have a whole lot of time, but managed to get a few quests done and Morenn is now a level 24 barbarian.
Really enjoying AoC, some of the "finishing moves" look awesome, like the chopping off of heads and the blood splatter, really helps to get immersed into the world.

zondag 1 juni 2008

Into Hyboria

AgeOfConan 2008-06-01 18-44-01-68

Been leveling up my barbarian, finally got off of Tortage now heading into "the real world".
My barbarian is now level 23.