donderdag 30 juni 2011

A hunter coming home and bringing some luck


My Figureprint finally arrived today and i have to say she looks awesome !
Definatly loving it.
Sure it doesn't look as detailed (or 3d) as your character looks ingame, afterall it's a printed object, but i still thinks it looks amazing.

And the best part, just when i was posting this picture on Flickr and writing this post, Vyragosa spawned on me ingame after 5 days of camping 4-5 hours each day, sure it's not the Time-Lost Protodrake (who i am really after) but it's a start :)

The spawn point i choose for camping was right on the spot as it spawned right on top of me :)


Initially i had a little dissapointment when i noticed it wasn't the TLPD, but i also need Vyragosa for the "Frostbitten" achievement, so no worries here, it really feels great to finally have something to show for after camping this spot for days.

Hopefully the TLPD will be next pretty soon.

So today turned out to be a nice day afterall :)

maandag 27 juni 2011

Uncommonly Good-Looking

This weekend I have been working a bit on the blog.
The most obvious one is the site design. I really did like the previous design, especially the Tabula Rasa/Warcraft background, but I also thought it looked a bit "busy" with too many bright colors, so I changed it too a lot less busy theme and colors, although I doubt many people actually visit the site itself (personally I use a feedreader to read my blogs and rarely visit the site itself).

I also enabled the mobile site feature Blogger has which will now let you view the site in a nice easy to read design if you visit the site on your mobile device.

The image at the top of the blog is of course my Uncommonly Good-Looking Goblin hunter flying over Nagrand on her 2 seater rocket flying off "to worlds unknown" in World of Warcraft.

zondag 26 juni 2011

Filling up the barn.


I wasn't out looking for him but was just passing by when i noticed him, Terrorpene.
I quickly got off my mount, released my pet only to find Terrorpene wandered out of taming range. Quickly got back on my mount and landed right next to him and immediatly started taming.

There was a bit of excitement as he got pretty close to killing me with his "Burned Hatred" but with the last few points of health left the tame was a success.
Another (cool looking) rare added to my stables. :)

zaterdag 25 juni 2011

SWG becomes one with the Force.

SwgClient_r 2010-08-24 12-46-58-91

I guess it was only a matter of time with a new Star Wars MMO coming out (which i will definatly be playing), that Star Wars Galaxies would close down and that time has come...

I still have many, many memories as this was basicly my first mmo, i joined in 2004 and for a few years played nothing but SWG.

Some of the most awesome features in SWG are the housing and resource gathering, i can't remember how much time i spent decorating and re-decorating my house.

SwgClient_r 2010-08-24 13-15-55-76

Most people will probably blame the NGE (or the CU) for it's downfall, however i really think it wasn't that bad, although i will admit that the changes to the classes with NGE were a major dissapointment for me, the old class trees were simply amazing and it was a lot of fun trying things out and basicly be whatever you wanted to be.

I remember the long road to becoming force sensitive and finaly have "The old man" show up and the even longer road (read grind) to becomning a Jedi, the visits to the Aurelian village out on Dathomir to exchange your XP. Unfortianatly i never made it to Jedi as i was still grinding away when NGE came.
But i will never forget that feeling and moment when the old man came for me.
With the NGE being a Jedi was no longer special and there were Jedi everywhere.

Having the old man show up is definatly one of my most memorable moments in MMO history, it really made me feel special and definatly made my heart jump out of my chest when he did :)

I haven't touched SWG in quite some time but it is still one of the reasons for me to keep my Station Access account running, for some reason i still can't say goodbye to SWG.

So eventhough i think it was only a matter of time before SWG would close down the announcement stil comes as a shock to me and i am definatly sad to see SWG go.

The more i think about SWG the more good memories start to come up.

No matter what you might think of the game in it's current state, if you ever played SWG "in the old days", i am sure you will agree with me that it was one of the best games ever.

If you have never played SWG before, well there is still time as it will close on Dec. 15th and i still think you can get a taste of it's glory as not everything is bad (or gone), despite of what many people claim.

So a big THANK YOU to all the people working on SWG (past & present), May the Force be with you!.

Showing off my "Spectral Tiger"

Often you see lots of people just sitting there in Orgrimmar on their mounts showing them off, so of course i can't resist to join in and jump on my spectral tiger.

Always good for a laugh and some reactions, this "mount" doesn't do much as it is just a static "ride" that rocks back and forth and lasts 3 mins and says Spectral Tiger above it within quotation marks.
It came from a TCG loot card code and is only a 50 time use item, but i think it's always fun to do it when there are a lot of people showing off their mounts.

I really do like Blizzard's humor.

dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Gearing up


All i have been doing for the last couple of days is running the random dungeon finder to work on getting Justice points and rep for gear.
Gearing up for the Heroic dungeons.
According to my Wowhead profile, as my gear is now the normal dungeons are easy, while the heroic dungeons are "challenging".

Well i did try a heroic and i indeed suck on DPS, when everyone is "outdps'ing" you it's not fun although we didn't whipe.
So still working on the better gear before attempting the heroics again.

I am however having a lot of fun doing these dungeons, despite the fact that the random dungeon finder only gives me 3 dungeons, so after a while you do start getting "pretty familiar" with them, really wish there were more dungeons added to the dungeon finder.

I am slowly getting there with the pre-heroic gear, i still have a few pieces of justice point gear i need and then there is the rep gear.

of course once i get done with that and am set up for the heroics, the gear grind starts again for the pre-raid gear to optimize for heroics :)

I also started using a little iphone app called "Ask Mr. Robot", which is a nice little app that you can load up your character and basicly check to see what you can do to optimize your gear with reforging and enchants (or check for better/best in slot gear).
Right now it's probably not helping me much, cause as soon as i put on a new piece of gear all recommendations change and i have to do all reforging again.
But it is definatly a fun app to play around with whenever i have a few minutes to spare.

dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Ghostcrawler hit me with his nerfbat

But i managed to tame him :)

i was simply wandering over his known spawn spot, figuring i wouldn't have much luck but after a few mins:
Sure enough there he was.

I jumped of my mount, still had my pet out so had to dismiss her first, al the while hoping no one would show up.

Let the taming begin, i had an ice trap out, but he barely missed that (or maybe i was a bit too excited) so i had to do without.

He did do a lot of damage with his nerfbat, nerfing my skil "into the ground', but in the end i did manage to tame him, of course i did name him Nerfbat :)

Another Spirit beast added to my stables.

zaterdag 11 juni 2011

Deathwing made me do it.

I "stood in the fire"

It was one of those achievements that i figured was just a matter of time, getting killed by Deathwing.
It just took Deathwing quite some time to finally find me, i saw many people getting the achievement pretty early on but so far i had been "lucky" to not get killed by him.

I didn't really noticed until all of a sudden there were flames everywhere and i got the achievement, i was busy questing in the Twilight Highlands, fighting a mob, i never saw (or heard) Deathwing, when suddenly flames were everywhere i was like what the hell... until the achievement popped up :)

My little Goblin sure made quite a show out of dying as seen by the screenshot above :)
I think she did the same animation she does when i use "Feign Death", which i think is hilarious.

The aftermath of Deathwing flying by

And of course only a few days later i see the results of another Deathwing fly by, while passing over Gadgetzan using a flightpath.


vrijdag 10 juni 2011

LOTRO a different game


This was one of the first things greeting me when i logged in to LOTRO since Turbine took over from Codemasters: Quests removed due to versioning...

Looks like codemasters did make changes to the game, no wonder we always had to wait longer before a patch would be applied to the EU.
But it does make me wonder why the hell codemasters would make changes like that and how much of an "edited" game we played. But it would probably explain why we never got the MyLOTRO stuff.

Anyways, can't wait to see where the game goes now that Turbine has full control over it and i can't wait to finally see my character(s) in MyLOTRO as it should have been from the start.

maandag 6 juni 2011

A Hunter and Her Trusty Pet.

For the longest time now my main Hunter has been exploring together with her pet "Bones".
However i personally never really liked the wolf as a pet, just think they don't look cool. But with the wolf being the best dps pet i decided to have a wolf.

That is until i saw screenshots of Loque'nahak, a spirit beast, i said to myself i just gotta have that one.

Easier said than done, i went out to the Sholazar Basin to look for him, i think in the end i spent at least one hour flying around, one hour at one of his spawn points (this was when there were at least 7 other lvl85 hunters in the area) and just when i was about to give up i decided to make one more pass over the known locations for spawning and low and behold there he was, i felt my heart jump and was happy to see no one was around so i started taming and got him, or i should say her, as i named her "Moonfur".


I might still get out good old Bones when i am doing dungeons for the dps, but for now when i am out and about in the wolrd Moonfur does not leave her side.

On the note of camping spawns, i also decided to spend a few hours on camping out for the Time-Lost Protodrake (i need one more mount for my achievement and Albino Drake), but that was apperantly wasted time, someone got him on a spot where i had just passed not more than 30 secs ago and killed him, talking about bad luck, i had just past his spawnpoint when he spawned..
I did have a good feeling about being in this spot, but decided to give myself a bigger change by flying around...
I did spent a few hours camping and flying around to see if i could get it or any of the other rare mobs, but no luck.
Apperantly the Time-Lost Protodrake is on a 6-11 hour spawnrate so that's time wasted.
A sad sight: The corpse of the Time-Lost Protodrake on the frozen waterfall after flying past here not more than 30secs before.

woensdag 1 juni 2011

I couldn't resist..

WoW 2011-05-31 23-08-04-82
The new "Winged Guardian" flying mount.

Just when i was about to log in to Warcraft i noticed in the launcher there was a new flying mount out and it looked pretty good so i just couldn't resist buying it.
And so did a lot of other people when i bought it as i was waiting in a queue with over 6000 people waiting in front of me.

Must have been pretty fun to see the Blizzard bank account and see that money just floating in, i think i spent about 20 mins waiting, so at least 6000 people, 20 euros mount, that at least 120000 euros in just 20 mins and than to think there's probably lots of people still buying or going to buy that mount..