woensdag 25 april 2007

Playtime !!

Well managed to play a few hours LOTRO, so far it's fun.
Just finished the "intro quest" and worked my character (Cynheiddon) op to level 6, only died once but after i earned the title "The Wary", that you get when you reach lvl 5 without dieing.

So far the storyline is fun to play.

dinsdag 24 april 2007


Well, recieved my copy of the Lord of the Rings Online a little over an hour ago, the collectors edition looks great.
Been trying for over an hour to create an account and activate LOTRO, took forever to load the pages, very annoying.
I actually recieved the confirmation email even before the pages finished loading (it actually never finished loading).

Now i am downloading the updater/patch (over 800mb)... again ultra slow....

With a little bit of luck i'll be playing before i have to go to bed, have to get out early for work, so probably there won't be much playing tonight, hopefully i'll be able to create my character though...

maandag 23 april 2007

Work in progress.

Also today i've been working a bit more on my website.
Changed the layout of this blog a bit, also added a forum to my site (you'll find the link on the right -->)

More might be coming soon...

Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar

Well looks like i'll be playing another new game soon :)
Just recieved an email saying that my copy of the Lord of the Rings online collectors edition has been sent to me, so i'll probably get it tomorrow.
I pre-ordered the collectors edition, which was pretty expensive (and also limited to 5000 copy's), because it included a lifetime subscription (along with a bunch of other cool goodies), which is pretty cool and will pay itself off if i play this game for more than a year and i won't have to worry about subscription fees.

I am not a very big Tolkien (LOTR) fan, but from what i have seen (and read) about this game it's going to be a cool game to play.


Well here's a little update from me, i know haven't been writing much lately, that's because i was mostly busy gaming..
Recently started playing The Matrix Online, and i have to say i really like it.
I specificly like the fact that there's an ongoing story that effects the world around you.
Seems like efforts are being made here to keep this game fun and interresting.
I also started on the so called "archived missions", which are old story line missions, a way for newer players to experience the story line of MxO (or for old players to experience them again).
So far i am hooked to MxO :)

As for my other games..., well not much going on, hardly touched SWG and Vanguard (only a few hours) and only logged in to EQ2 to pay upkeep for my room :)

I have signed up for a few beta's to games that are "on my radar", games that look very interresting to me.
Of course if i do get in to the beta it is very unlikely i will be talking about it here as there usually is an NDA in effect, which means i can't (or am not allowed) to talk about it.
I did however get a beta key to a "certain" game (not one of the games i was hoping for though), the only problem being i had to create an account using my credit card and their website only accepted credit cards form Canada and the US, so i won't be participating in that beta.

Games that are currently on my radar:
Tabula Rasa
Pirates of the Burning Sea
Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures
The Chronicles of SpellBorn