woensdag 27 april 2011

Wandering the wastelands


For the last couple of weeks i have been playing nothing but Fallout new Vegas, i played it as soon as Steam released it but only played for a few hours and hadn't touched it since.
For some reason i never liked it as much as i did Fallout 3, eventhough i was very excited for Fallout NV.
Maybe for me it just didn't live up to Fallout 3..

But i picked it up again a few weeks ago, installed a whole bunch of mods, started playing and i have to say i am now really enjoying myself.
I did like the Fallout 3 "world" more than the Fallout NV world, but the storyline and sidequests in Fallout NV are definatly fun.

I am really trying to take my time going through it and exploring the world, i don't wanna finish the main questline too soon, as i think the game ends (just like Fallout 3 did before DLC came out), which is a major bummer as it always makes me weary while playing down the main story, as i really would like to know what happened.

I am also trying to stay away from walkthroughs to see what the "right" option is and try to do whatever i feel is right and that does sometimes makes for difficult decisions, just when you think you know who you wanna support something happens that makes you doubt them.
There have been a few occasions where i just sat there staring at the screen, trying to go over that conversation again and again for 15 minutes (or longer) just to come up with a decision that i feel is right.

One of the really fn things to do is just go out and explore, there are many fun things to discover and sometimes suprising things come your way while exploring (just like it did in F3).
Sometimes i just enjoy wandering around for periods at a time, not working on any quests, just pick a direction and start walking and see whatever comes my way.
I even set my character to always walk, so it gives that extra feeling of wandering and the game definatly is a lot more fun when you're not running/fast travelling from quest objective to objective and delivering a bunch of supplies from one end of the map to the other end of the map without fast travelling to your destination can really take you a long time and often i will get distracted by someting i see on my way totally forgetting about that delivery.

The quests are definatly a lot of fun, but more often that not i enjoy the simple wandering across the wastelands more and just see what comes my way.

dinsdag 5 april 2011

STO: I like my little shuttle pet

GameClient 2011-04-02 22-19-33-33

It's hard to see since my ship is so huge, but i definatly like my little shuttle pet, the Class F shuttle that came with the Original Series bundle. It's right there behind my ship.... somewhere.
And of course the starship interior looks awesome aswell :)

zondag 3 april 2011

STO Foundry: Lost and Found

While my Captain is slowly progressing through the ranks i am really having fun with the Foundry missions and i am glad that some of these authors don't forget to put a little humor in their missions.
It's also a great thing to see the possibilities within the foundry engine to create stuff like that.

Some of the scenery and missions have been amazing and well thought out.

And now on the a few humor shots :)

When i first encountered these two, the one in the black/red was trying to pull her feet off the floor first the right one then the left one and this went on and on, so i wondered what was going on and got this after talking to the women standing next to her.

I found this guy staring at the wall and this was all he had to say.

However after the battle..


Yeah but what does that button actually do...??

One little annoyance though is that some authors forget that some of us are "noobs" (like me) and somtimes don't know the entire space map and when only given a system name it can take hours to actually find the mission starter, so it would really help if you include as much info as possible, like system, sector and sector block.
I am sure it's not that difficult to do and it really saves a lot of time.

Just yesterday i spent at least an hour to find a mission starter for "Chronotons and Klingons" and then spent some time on google to try and find it, however it turned out the mission starter was actually inside DS9, while the mission text suggested i should be close (or in) the Bajoran Wormhole.
The Wormhole is not mentioned on the map and i had not done any quests that involved the Wormhole, so i had no idea where to find it, so i didn't know that wormhole was right next to DS9, only found that out by searching on google...

In the end i really enjoyed the mission but it was a pain finding the starter and i am sure not everyone has the patience to try and find that starter and might just drop the mission or give it a bad rating.

zaterdag 2 april 2011

Through the hellgate

Hellgate_sp_dx10_x64 2011-04-02 03-40-16-60

Today i was browsing through my screenshots folder and saw my Hellgate London screenies and felt the urge to play that game again, so as a result spent most of the day playing Hellgate London.

I still like the game, it is as much fun as it was way back, it's still a fun game as a singleplayer game, personally i always enjoyed the singleplayer more than the multiplayer.

Quite some time ago there was some news about Hellgate coming back as Hellgate London Resurrection, but it seems that after the initial news there's still no re-release of the game.
Personally i think it's a shame as it really was not a bad game, luckily we still can play the game singleplayer whether we get a resurrection or not.