donderdag 27 augustus 2009

Tabula Rasa was awesome!

Video says enough.
I would give up all of my current MMO's to play TR again..

Neverwinter Nights

nwmain 2009-08-27 05-29-06-60

I know i am late to the party, but i only just started playing Neverwinter Nights and i have to say so far i am loving it.
The gameplay is so much fun i don't even notice the graphics :)

If you haven't played it yet (you probably have), you should definatly give it a go.
If you love RPG's, this is absolutely a "not to miss" game.

I have the "platinum edition" so i stil have plenty of game time left, but i allready have Neverwinter Nights 2 in the mail, plus i understand there is a lot of community made mods out there, so i dont'think i'll get bored playing this :)

They say time flies when you're having fun, well my first gaming session lasted 6 hours and i didn't even realised i had been playing that long...

maandag 24 augustus 2009

From Oblivion to Morrowind

Morrowind 2009-08-23 17-58-55-96

After playing a lot of Oblivion i started to wonder what Morrowind would be like, still a lot of people are saying that Morowind was better than Oblivion, so i got the game on Steam and started playing it.

Have to say that it is taking me a little time to get used to the graphics, the scenery looks pretty good, seeing how old this game is, but i really don't like how the characters look/move.

But i think i can get used to it, if the game itself is good, so far i am having a hard time, it's not as "easy" as Oblivion, there are no quest arrows/markers telling you where to go, and that's one thing we are used to these days, to just follow the pointer and find your quest objective, but hopefully i will be able to overcome that and enjoy the game.

The screenshot i took here was actually a really great moment ingame where i got off of a Strider (i think that's what they are called) and landed in the middle of a sandstorm and my character immediatly shielded her eyes by putting her arm up, thought that was an awesome moment, if this game has more moments like that i am pretty sure i am gonna enjoy it.

So far i have only finished the first part of the main quest and picked up a random (encounter) quest that was pretty funny, so there's still lots to do and explore.

donderdag 20 augustus 2009

Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth

I have been in the Fallen Earth beta for some time and i have to say it's a nice game, definatly a change.
Personally i don't like the combat (so far), but of course this is beta so things might still change.

What i do like however is the crafting/scavenging system in Falen Earth.
I have spend hours on end just scavenging and only doing combat when being attacked.

Especially when playing a "Traveller", you get a lot of crafting quests, and most of the components needed to finish those quests can be found by scavenging or by trading your scavenged good for other items.

I will definatly check this game out when it is released, however i fear that for me it will not be an MMO i will be playing as my main MMO, more of an "on the side" MMO, so it will also depend on the pricing/subscription plans they will be releasing it with.

Personally i really don't want anymore subscriptions, in fact i am allready considering cancelling most (if not all) of my MMO subscriptions.
So i am really hopng they will be going for a "Free to Play" model, like apperantly All Points Bulletin is going to, another game i am definatly interrested in.

Into Oblivion and beyond

Oblivion 2009-08-10 07-11-04-07

Been spending a lot of time playing Oblivion and Fallout 3 mostly.
Decided to try get back into Oblivion, eventhough i previously had troubles with a corrupt savegame.

Just installed a lot of mods and (community made) fixes and low and behold my savegame started working again.
Before, the game would crash right after loading into the game as soon as i started moving.
But since installing the mods/fixes everything is working again.

I think it'sjust awesome to see how many really outstanding mods are made for this game, it definatly extends the gameplay.
And playing this game at a 3840x1024 resolution is really awesome.
Really been loving my time back in Oblivion

Currently my gaming hours are cut a bit short due to computer problems, seems my new quadcore processor is not supported by my motherboard and is causing read/write erors in the RAM, really sucks, especially since the latest BIOS dates back to may 2008.
But new processor (which is even better and more important supported) is ordered so hopefully i will be fixing this in the next few days.

I did finally get back into a little MMO time, decided to check LOTRO out again, of course this game looks stunning in 3840x1024 and with the help of my new GTX 295 videocard (and my old 8800GTX as a PhysX card instead of my Ageia PhysX card) it runs quite well between 40-70 FPS

lotroclient 2009-08-20 00-48-33-59

zaterdag 1 augustus 2009

Wasteland Justice

Wasteland Justice

Just a look at how my character currently looks in Fallout 3, with the help of some cool mods :)