woensdag 30 mei 2007

Mynock hatched

My Mynock just hatched.


Think it's going to be fun to go out and found out what he likes or doesn't like.
So far i found out that the food my Bocatt gets excited about is not his taste, but the second food i tried made him all excited :)

Likes & don't likes of my pets:

Likes: Naboo, Sweet fruit substitute
Hates: Corellia, Tender meat substitute, doing tricks

Likes: Blubbery Fish substitute
Hates: Doing tricks

My first pet

Well after creating my first mount i created my first pet, he's a Bocatt (found on Tatooine).


It's been a lot of fun going out and train him and do stuff.
These animals seem very picky about likes and don't likes.

My Bocatt absolutely hates to do tricks (it makes him annoyed) but he seems to like killing stuff, NPC's or other animals, he doesn't get excited doing it but it keeps him happy.
He seems to hate being on Corellia but when i take him to Naboo he gets excited, so far other planets don't do much for him.
As for food, well he will accept almost all foods, but only gets excited about one particular food, he hates one type of food (but he will eat it).

I didn't think he would be very powerfull as i didn't put much effort in the enzymes i used to make him, but right now he is taking on animals and NPC's double his level without too much problems (he survives), although it does matter how happy he is, the less happy (or more annoyed) he is the less effective he becomes in combat.


I haven't named him yet as i am trying to come up with a nice name..

I have a second pet about to hatch, a Mynock :)
Though it would be fun to also have a flying pet.

maandag 28 mei 2007

It's alive ...!!

Well here's my new mount :)


I named him Lexx, after the scifi series.


I made a Cu-Pa because it looks a lot like a Taun-Taun and i've always like Taun-Tauns :)

zondag 27 mei 2007

Dewie: A last Farewell

One major downside to chapter 6 is: i can no longer use my pet "Dewie".....
I have had him since a long time (long before NGE) and i am going to miss him.

The only option i had was to have him "stuffed", after doing that he turned out huge (at least 4 times the size he was).
As you can see in the picture he was actually quite small.
And after the removal of creature handler as a profession with NGE, he no longer grew in size, and i liked him that way.


I do have the option of extracting DNA and create a "new" Dewie, but i feel that won't be the same, it will not be my good old Dewie.

So one last farewell to Dewie......

First pet is cooking..

Well i am well underway creating my first pet, only 12 hours left.


My first pet will actually be a Cu-Pa, which will become a mount.

In other news, looks like my main character (Akean Kressh) is bugged, at the moment i can not call any droids or mounts, while trying to call them i get a message saying "you can't do that in your current state".
Very wierd and only happening to Akean, all my other characters are fine.

No clue as to what's causing this (or what i have done to cause this), yesterday i could call them without any problems.

vrijdag 25 mei 2007

Party at Nym's Stronghold

Nym has a party going on to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars.
Check with Nym's Quartermaster at the spaceport to get your party gifts.

Akean shaking it at Nym's Anniversary party.

Akean's "Points of Interest" Travels Episode 1: Endor

Today Akean Kressh travelled to Endor and visited An Ewok Tree Village at waypoint: 4660, -2424


dinsdag 22 mei 2007

Dark Resurrection

"We are happy to announce that June 7th at 9:00 PM at the prestigeous Ariston Theatre in Sanremo, we will be showing the
First National Premiere of Dark Resurrection (Episode 1)"
Dark Resurrection - N E W S -

Have watched a few trailers to this Star Wars Fanfilm and have to say i'm impressed, looks like a really cool movie, can't wait to see it.

zondag 20 mei 2007

What was fun in the old swg

It was dangerous to go to far outside the cities (especially at lower lvls), i remember when i started out and had my house just outside Theed, i got killed at least a few times a week by those damn shaupats. I remember once there were three spawned just outside my front door (wish we had a back door), i couldn't leave without getting attacked by all three of them. Back then dying actually cost you, so you didn't wanna die, i actually yelled out for help, for someone to kill them so i could leave my house.... eventually i died :)

zaterdag 19 mei 2007


While reading up on the new chapter coming for SWG (have to admit haven't been paying much attention to SWG), which will add the beastmaster profession, i am getting exited (well.. a little bit), looks like beastmaster could be a lot of fun, if they implement it right.

Here's a little quote from an article:

"Creating the pet is only the beginning of the process in our Beast Master system. Once the pet is hatched, the player must nurture their companion and engage in the advancement of their pet. We added in a variety of personalities for the pets to truly make the behavior of each one unique. Each pet has certain activities that it likes (and doesn't like) to do, such as eating certain foods, attacking other creatures, doing tricks, visiting certain planets, or event watching entertainers perform. Another facet of the growth process is the discovery of special attacks and teaching them to the pet. Players must seek out other similar creatures and observe them in combat to learn more about the abilities they can then teach to their pets. We also put in some non-combat pet actions for players such as a pig ability, "Truffle Pig," that assists with foraging and a monkey ability, "Helper Monkey," that increases the character's crafting skill."

Could be a lot of fun, nurturing a pet and see it grow up :)
It definatly brings new content to the game, which is desperatly needed.

Read more from the quoted article "SWG State of the game" here

Empire at War

I've not been playing much MMO's lately, i dusted of Star Wars Empire at War reinstalled it and bought the Forces of Corruption expansion, having lots of fun playing the campaign and galactic conquests as the Zann Consortium, playing against the Empire and the Rebellion.

I also reinstalled Star Wars Battlefront II, still don't like the online play but the campaigns are fun.

I did log in to LOTRO after recieving an email from bol.com (where i bought my LOTRO collectors edition) with a keycode for a bonus item "Cloak of Respite"and upon login i actually found 2 new cloaks in my inventory, the cloak of respite and the cloak of Journey's end, stats on them are the same as the 2 cloaks i got with the collectors edition, they only have different graphics.

zondag 6 mei 2007

and so...

Been playing lots of LOTRO and not very active on posting here.
I've been enjoying LOTRO a lot, great game. Often it's little things that make you smile while playing.
A little example: I walked into a town called Bree, an NPC was walking alongside me and said: "welcome to Bree hunter" (my character's class is hunter), those are small things that make the game very enjoyable.

What i don't like... in OOC chat, all the BS about WOW, or even comparing this game to WOW (and people arguing about this), someone actually thought that LOTRO was an expension for WOW....

Just wish people would stop the BS and enjoy (play) the game.