maandag 31 maart 2008

Taking it out to the bane


Been doing a lot of stuff, finished up everything in Valverde Plateau and Pools, got my ToO's finished and both master titles for Plateau and Pools.
Then i went back to the marshes and went into the Logos research Facility, was kind of tough but fun, although in the end it was a bit unclear what i had to do next, thought i had to go out of the instance but the moment i did i failed the "Slay on Target' mission, so i will have to go back there once again to finish that mission (although the problem might be i killed a boss before i got the mission update that said to kill him).
I did get the Logos in there and finished all other missions.

After all this i reached level 41 on my sniper.

zondag 30 maart 2008

My thoughts on the latest patch


Have to say overall this patch is great.
Like the faster rate of fire on the TSR, but without the "charging" (which i thought i hated) it feels less like a sniper rifle.
It also looks cool to have a visual effect on stealth armor again, like they had in beta.

I somewhat like the new tokens, but major downside to it, is the same that happend when cp's where part of the ToO, a lot of whining, abuse and whatnot, people are constantly complaining about other people taking cp's when they wanted to "farm" assault tokens.
People seem to expect other players to adjust to their playing style just so they can farm.
Well just to bad, i have been defending/taking cp's since launch (and beta) because i like doing that and i will defianatly not change my playing style so some other player can have their farming done. To me it makes no sense to let a cp in enemy hands so someone can farm, we are fighting a war against the bane!

I am really digging these new Kael's, the way they attack is awesome, first time i saw one jumping at me i was sniping from a watchtower, when one of them jumped right through the window and attacked me.
I also noticed some new graphics on other mobs which looked awesome, like the boss linkers that spawn when the Imperial Valley is under bane attack.

I am also kind of mixed on the new xp, getting to the next level goes a lot faster now, i am allready up to lvl 40 on my sniper, two levels in a very short time, mostly by defending bases.

It took me a little time to adjust to this patch but it is still fun to go out and snipe :)

dinsdag 25 maart 2008

Diving into Pools


Been doing a couple of missions in Valverde Pools, went through the Turpis Refinery twice..
First time i went through i was close to finishing it when a server announcement came up.. 10 minutes till server going down... couldn't finish in time so i had to go in a second time and luckily i manage to finish it.
It was a fun little instance and not too difficult.

In general Pools is a lot of fun, great looking scenery.

Also did a bit of base defending (grinding) and i am now level 37 almost 38 :)

zondag 23 maart 2008

Moving on !!


I have not been posting a lot. but i did a lot of gaming the last few days.
I am basicly done with Mires, Incline and Plains, done all of the remaining missions in Plains and did the Kardash Atta Colony, which was pretty easy at the level i was at (think it was around lvl 33), got the Phanin Research Facility missions from that as a follow up.
But both of these missions finally completed my ToO quests for Plains.

Then i went back to Mires and did, the Bane Fluxite mines (fun but tough), the Energy Weapon Center, i really liked this instance it was short and was a lot of fun and i think it had a nice story to it.
And i did the last instance there, Tahendra Base, i didn't like that one very much, it was a bit buggy and pretty hard finding my way to the mission waypoints. although i have to say it was fun having some pets with me in this one and the story was pretty good.
After finishing these three instannces i finally found the last mission chain i needed to finish to complete my ToO for Mires.

And in Incline i finally did the Osaja Atta Colony, by that time i really started to hate the Atta :)
But it was a fun instance luckily not as big as the other Atta instance and thanfully i read up about this one on TenTon Hammer, so i knew how to avoid a few bugs and such, so this instance went pretty smooth.
This instance updated my ToO, so i could finsih that one too.

After all this i went to Valverde Plateau and did a lot of missions until i felt i was running into missions that were to tough for my Sniper, i did finally get my Vortex Logos after getting all other logos in Plateau so i can now use my "signature" ability :)
I then went to check out the Marshes, were my Sniper is still stationed, i am doing quite a few missions there, the XP is pretty good because there are mobs that i can take down that are higher than my level and give a 1000 or more XP per kill, so i like to just go out and snipe.
I really think the Marshes look damn good and i like the sounds here.

All in all this brought my Sniper to level 36 :)

donderdag 20 maart 2008

Kill me allready !

tabula_rasa 2008-03-20 01-40-30-12

Decided to go back to Arieki Plains and the Mires to work a bit more on my ToO there. finally got all the "kill" quests done, funny how hard it is to find them when you need to kill them, all i have left now is the story missions.

I also finished the "Brann Hybrid" quest, same thing here, normally you run into a Bane patrol and they have at least 1 or 2 caretakers with them, for this quest i had to get myself killed by a caretaker and of course none of the patrols i ran into had any caretakers with them, tried for quite some time to find one but no luck.

So i decided to go into an instance and hopefully find some caretakers there, i went into the Brann Communication tower instance and luckily i found a group with 2 caretakers, manage to kill the boss and all other bane and unfortianatly 1 caretaker died also, manage to get the last caretaker away from the dead Bane so he stopped bringing them back, got him to attack me and removed all my armor and just waited... and waited, think it took the caretaker at least 10 mins (or more, at least that's what it felt like), every now and then i'd have to hit him to keep agro or stop him from walking away but he finally managed to kill me.
Overall i think this was a pretty fun quest to do, great story, personally liked it a lot more than the Forean hybrid quest.

So now, next to a Forean hybrid i can also make a Brann hybrid.

woensdag 19 maart 2008

Move out..


I am still at level 33, allready started at Valverde Plateau, i like to explore and wanted to check out Plateau and as usual i started a whole bunch of missions here.

Still have some stuff to do in Arieki Plains and Mires, mostly some ToO's and a couple of instances, like both Atta colonies and Phanin Research.
Funny thing is my ToO for Plains allready says finished eventhough i haven´t completed the story missions, i noticed an update/completed message when i logged in the other day and it said story missions completed, (i am sure this is a bug as i have not completed the Atta colony and Phanin Research yet i am sure those are part of the story missions).

Found one of the questlines very interresting, i think it started with a quest called Discovery and only just found out it´s actually the Brann hybrid quest :), i still have to kill some caretakers to get to the last part, but of course when you need them they´re nowhere to be found..

Also had quite a bit of fun spending some of my playsessions by just going out and do some sniping.

maandag 17 maart 2008

Admiring the Mires


I haven't finished Incline and Plains yet but thought of checking out Mires, first i thought of just having a look but once i started taking missions..
Well so far did most of the missions there, got all logos. That almost got me to level 33, so i went back to Incline to do some base defending (grinding) at Ortho Base and i am now a level 33 Sniper.

I am also having a lot of fun just going out onto the battlefield and snipe, so after reading up on the patch notes on Torqueshell rifles i am a bit worried, to me it looks a lot like a nerfbat, but i might be wrong.

The only sniper specific skills i have right now is Torqueshell (2), Target Painting (2) and so far Target Painting doesn't benefit me much, usually the target is too far away to use it (looks like at 60m or more i do mostly get the one shot kills) anything closer, where i can use it, i mostly have to use 2-3 shots but by then a target gets too close anyway, because of the time it takes to "set up my shot" and i have to start using Machine guns (it looks kind of silly holding a Torqueshell rifle in a Thrax's face and shooting him point blank).

zondag 16 maart 2008

A fun couple of days


Been doing a lot of stuff the last few days, most at Torden Incline, did a lot of base defending at Ortho Post (great for XP) reached lvl 31 there, Did the communication tower instance and did the Raksha Robotic Facility, did both solo, the comm tower wasn't too difficult at level 31 but the robotics facility was quite difficult, if you go there i recommend taking lots of ammo for chainguns, i used an EMP and an laser (some droids are immune to emp) chaingun and must have spend well over 15000 rounds and at least 25 emp bombs and i still died countless times).
It's not the mobs that are that tough but the amount of them, they keep respawning until you destroy the bot generators.

I also gathered up all of the Logos and i am pretty much done here except for the Ojass Atta Colony (i also still have to do the Kardash Atta Colony in Plains) and a few of the ToO's.

I also found a nice spot to snipe at in Plains when the Lightning fields outpost is under Bane control, it's lots of fun taking them out one by one from 60-80 meters away, than destroy the shield and see the AFS NPC's take the base :)

zaterdag 15 maart 2008

Finally reached level 30


Did quite a lot of missions and grinding but i finally made it, i now have a level 30 Sniper, have to say torqueshell rifles are fun for long range, every now and then i do get a "one shot, one kill" but on close range you're screwed, so next to my torqueshell rifles i still need to keep my other rifles, so now i am carying even more rifles than i allready did...
Also before i chose the Sniper path i cloned and made a Spy and played around a bit with it, now i understand why everyone wants to be a Spy... :)
But i doubt i'll be playing the Spy a lot, personally i like the Sniper more.

woensdag 12 maart 2008

Back to the Palisades


Went back today to Divide and Palisades to finish some loose ends, some missions that i haven't completed yet, got lucky when i got to Palisades somehow my missions updated and was able to finish the "Pieces of the Puzzle" mission (somehow i could never get the first piece from base commander Jayjack in Foreas Base) so i can now start the Eloh Vale instance.
Only had about 30 minutes left to play so decided not to go to Eloh Vale yet, hopefully i'll get going once i get back home from work.

dinsdag 11 maart 2008

Almost there!


Reached level 29 on my Ranger, so close to finally start using torque rifles :), almost done with the plains, all that's left is about 50 flaregashers and two instances: the Atta colony and the Phanin Research facility.
Allready had a little look at Incline, which again looks awesome.
So on my way to 30 :)

zondag 9 maart 2008

I hate Striders

tabula_rasa 2008-03-08 18-42-54-32

I've been doing a lot of missions with my Ranger, went out and finished up all missions in Divide and only have a very few left in Palisades.
Decided to go have a look at the next planet, so went to Torden Plains on Arieki, what an awesome looking planet :)

Been doing quite a bunch of missions and reached level 27 there and a couple of nice titles like The Stidernator, soldier of prey, The Diffuser, The Coroner and Salvager of Shinys.

The battlefield outside Irendas Colony is awesome, loving the sound effects, really like these "battlefields", but i do hate those striders, i have a good EMP rifle but they're still very tough to beat solo, my best bet to beat them solo is use lots of class V EMP bombs or keep my distance or hide up in the lookout tower and take my shots and use polarity field and lightning on them, but when it gets up close i have to use EMP bombs or take a trip to the hospital.

I always thought Divide was great but so far Arieki is way cooler :)

woensdag 5 maart 2008

Tabula Rasa


Didn't do a whole lot in game today but i did go out with my Biotechnician, killed the Meatgrinder and manage to take down that second Stalker i needed for a mission and went to search for Splatter, went to the spot where i killed him with my Ranger a while ago and spent some time there but no luck :)
He's the last bos i need to complete all my missions.
Did get the "Divide Veteran" title, also did get to level 21.
Also did a little bit of base defending with my Ranger and got to level 26, "only" 4 more levels till i hit 30..

Also have been working on AFS Soldiers quite a bit so haven't done as much gaming as i would have liked in the last couple of days.
Of course if you like Tabula Rasa, go over to and join a growing community!

maandag 3 maart 2008

Tabula Rasa

tabula_rasa 2008-03-02 08-08-07-82

Been playing quite a bit with my Biotechnician this weekend, leveled up to 20.
Finished up everything in Wilderness that i still needed to do for ToO, one boss at Lower Eloh Creek that i somehow missed and the last 2 instances, Crater Lake Research and Pravus Research, including the Logos that are there.
Also picked up every mission i could find that i didn't do and finished them all.
Now it's on to Divide.

I have to admit i love being an altaholic, i have characters for each class in Tier 3 (4 chars) and i plan to have them in all tier 4 classes (8 chars), it's a lot of fun to try out all classes and as a bonus i won't reach the level cap too soon :)

zaterdag 1 maart 2008

Tabula Rasa


Had some fun with my Sapper today, went out doing a couple of missions around Ranja Gorge and a little bit of base defending/attacking at Landing Zone Outpost and Imperial Valley (where i also picked up a Logos).
Finally reached another level, my Sapper is now level 16.