zaterdag 31 januari 2009

donderdag 29 januari 2009

Search for the lost quest objectives..

sb_client 2009-01-29 21-05-18-87

Finally reached lvl 8 :)
Been doing a couple of quests, most of the time i feel like i am lost..
When questing it is not always clear on were to find those objectives, sometimes not even a hint as to what direction to go, so i find myself constantly wandering around, hoping to come across a quest objective....

Now i don't mind exploring, in fact i like exploring, but sometimes i just wanna get some quests done and at those times it's annoying if you don't know where to go :(
Maybe i am spoiled by WoW, with it's quest addons, but i would like to know where to look for stuff when i am out questing..

Another thing i noticed is that it is awfully quiet on my server, not many people around, despite the fact there are only 2 "international" servers. I spend a couple of hours ingame and i think i only saw 4-5 people, probably not a good sign.. :(
Also as far as i can tell, no game updates or patches since 23rd December last year..

woensdag 28 januari 2009


sb_client 2009-01-28 08-54-06-34

Played a bit of Chronicles of Spellborn, having a hard time getting into it, but definatly think it's a beautifull game.
Just went into a new area with lots of new quests to do, but still at lvl 7 with my character.

Also been having a couple of crashes at game startup, which i think is being caused by the "gameguard" software. Quite annoying..

maandag 26 januari 2009

On my way to gold ?

WoW 2009-01-26 21-06-16-90

Just had a quick game of WoW, turned in a few quests reaching lvl 19.
Been mostly hunting and working on my skinning and leather working skills, of course hoping to turn these skills into earning some gold :)

I am currently running three addons in WoW, that are a lot of help, first one is Questhelper, combined with the second one TomTom, giving great info on the open quests and where to go.
And my third one, i allready wrote about is Azeroth Advisor, getting info on what to do and where to go next when you reach another level is a great help.
I can definatly recommend these three addons.

Also pretty happy about the fact that this is my highest character so far in WoW :)

zondag 25 januari 2009

Hunting levels & achievements

WoW 2009-01-25 17-45-59-06

Been having lots of fun playing WoW.
Mostly played Cynheiddon, my Blood Elf Hunter, been doing tons of questing and leveled her up to lvl 16.

Realised WoW is so much fun because it's just that, fun to play. :)

I've also been working on skinning and fishing skills and got a couple of achievements.
To help a little bit in questing i also started using the "Azeroth Advisor", gives quite a bunch of usefull tips on what gear to get, where to go for questing or skinning and info on skills as you level up, you get those "newsletters" in your email.
Definatly reccomend checking it out.

zaterdag 24 januari 2009

Starting a crusade

WoW 2009-01-23 16-29-23-98

I recently got the Burning Crusade expansion for WoW (i know i am late to the party, but i didn't see a need to get it if my highest character is lvl 17), so decided to get back to a little WoW, have started a new character to try out a Blood Elf, so far liking this new character/zone a lot.
So far she's up to level 7, leveling seems pretty quick and i am having a lot of fun.

The only thing i (still) hate in WoW is, almost the moment you log in you get duel request after duel request.. very annoying.
Still haven't found the option to turn on auto decline on duel requests.. is it even there ?
Nothing is more distracting/annoying than being busy reading though a quest text and having those requests pop up.

maandag 19 januari 2009

Ship ahoy!

potbs 2009-01-18 21-50-14-21

Finally got around playing Pirates of the Burning Sea.
I am a bit dissapointed to see i am still seeing all kind wierd of graphics bugs going on (like character dissapearing and only seeing a "walking" sword), seems to be worse than it was in beta.
Luckily i only get those problems with avatar combat.

The ship to ship combat, which i liked the most in beta, is still looking great and a lot of fun and is of course what this game focusses on.
Granted i have only done a few battles so far and am only level 3, so still a lot to do and (re)discover.

zondag 18 januari 2009

Betraying Freeport

EverQuest2 2009-01-17 20-03-01-43

Keeping with my (unofficial) 2009 Gaming Resolutions, play more of the Station Access games, i went back to play Everquest 2.
And i have to say it's still a fun game to play.

But being on the Freeport side got boring to me and after getting a quest to go collect taxes in a certain village i thought, screw that and went to go do the betrayel quest. My main is currently an exile working her way into Quenos.

Before getting there i went through quite a few quests in the commenlands, which is also starting to bore me, but i did reach level 24 on my main Endellion (necromancer), leveled up 3 times in there.

I though after the betrayel quest i would be out of the commenlands, but nope, they send me right back to do more quests there to gain favor with Quenos :(

I also found out SOE had put their games on Steam, so i went to have a look and couldn't resist buying the Shadow Oddysee expansion.

I also bought Pirates of the Burning Sea, i did a lot of beta testing with this game but never played it after launch. I saw the game for 7.99 Euros on Steam, so figured what the heck, let's give it a go.
I definatly wanted to check that game out but it was very hard to find the game in stores, the only stores that had it were selling it for around 50 euros, which is a bit too much for my liking.

I always thought PotBS was a fun game, but more of an "on the side" game not as my main game, but for 7.99 euros and being part of Station Access, i couldn't resist :)

zaterdag 17 januari 2009

Having to go back to the same place over and over is no fun!

VGClient 2009-01-17 04-33-59-32

Played a bit of Vanguard today, still a fun game.
Finishing up some of my quests, mostly in the same spider cave which got pretty boring after having to return over and over... but i did reach level 16 on my Bard, Endellion.

vrijdag 16 januari 2009

Adding Collections

SwgClient_r 2009-01-15 02-50-01-70

Finally went back to check out SWG again, mostly still annoyed with all those epic mobs and quests that require a group to do.
But i did have some fun going out looking for stuff for my collections and in the process found out quite a bit of new collections.

I also found a few "quests" (read kill stuff) that had no epic mobs in them so i was able to solo them and it gave me a lot of points with the Hutt faction :)
Also found a nice place close to my house for grinding my pet, who is at the moment level 31, so i still have quite a bit of grinding ahead.
The downside to having a full beast master template next to my smuggler profession is that i am missing a lot of the smuggler expertise and really depend on my pet, but of course a lvl 31 pet doesn't do much against a lvl 90 mob and even my lvl 90 smuggler has a lot of difficulties in taking them down, just seems like i am doing hardly any damage while taking a lot.. :(

For this new year i want to try and play more SOE games as i am paying for Station Access and i figure need to spent at least some time with 3 games to make station access worth it or i should cancel it, for the last months i have not played any SOE games at all despite having an active Station Access account.

And there is plenty to play in my account: Everquest, Everquest 2, Star Wars Galaxies, Matrix Online and Vanguard and i could also get Pirates of the Burning Sea, i did a lot of beta testing for this game but never actually started playing it when it launched.

woensdag 14 januari 2009

Out in the woods

lotroclient 2009-01-10 17-39-20-59

I've finally been getting into crafting in LOTRO, been a long time i actually enjoyed crafting, think the last time i seriously crafted was back in Star Wars Galaxies.

Been really enjoying Forester, really fits my character (who's a hunter) and am definatly getting into the fun of Woodworker. Allready earned my first few silvers from my crafted stuff :)

I also went out to do a litle exploring in The Lone Lands, reached lvl 21 there.

I have also created a new character to try out the Warden class, played her through the tutorial and the first few quests, so far looks like a fun class to play.

maandag 12 januari 2009

Who says it should be challenging ?

lotroclient 2009-01-12 01-57-57-59

I have been mostly going through the lower (starting) zones with my Hunter.
Now i know there are no challenges in this, doing quests that are 10-15 levels below my own level, but i wasn't looking for a challenge.
I was just looking for fun, and fun is definatly what i am having.

I just tend to slightly roleplay my character, who is a hunter, fill up my quest journal and just go out explore the region and try to find the stuff/NPC's needed for the quests.
Of course the mobs are easy and the xp is low, but i am having fun and that's all that matters, some of the quests are interresting to see/read, of course there is always the fetch me x of y or kill x rats, but they don't take very long so i can move on.

I really enjoy that the mobs are so low in level they won't attack me, that way i can explore areas that would otherwise be almost impossible because of mobs swarming the place and constantly attacking.

There are probably lots of people disagreing with me, who actually want a challenge, well if i want a challenge i'll try real life. I am not in it for a challenge, i am in to "escape" play a game and have some fun. And if i ever felt like a challenge i will go into the higher level zones or try doing a group quest solo or maybe do some PvP.

So far i have reached level 20 with my main, not going fast but at least i am having fun :)

So here's to outleveling content :)

zaterdag 10 januari 2009

Dude, where's my ring!

lotroclient 2009-01-09 19-03-00-59

Finally been getting back into LOTRO, changing from Bree-Land to The Shire, definatly changed my gaming experience.
I was getting very frustrated with Bree-Land and The Shire turned out to be very refreshing and fun.

So far i have reached level 19 on my main Hunter, Cynheiddon.

I recently decided i "had" to get back into LOTRO, because i figured having a lifetime sub and not actually playing it was a waste.
So my intentions are to keep playing LOTRO, i even bought the expension Mines of Moria eventhough my highest lvl char is only 19 and from what i understand minimum lvl for Mine of Moria is lvl 50.
But i figured i will get there eventually if i keep playing.

The only things that annoy me is the fact that a lot of the cool quests turn into group quests and since i work shifts i am on at different (wierd) times and it is often very hard to find a group, which means i can't do the quests unless i level up to a level where i can beat them solo.

The other thing that sometimes annoy me is the directions you get for some quests, sometimes it takes very long to find a mob, try finding a single mob or item that is suppose to be north-east of a city.... i mean that could be anywhere on the map.
I would definatly love a quest helper that at leasts points you in the right direction, i love exploring but sometimes it gets very frustrating (and of course i turn to the web for an answer).

donderdag 8 januari 2009

The Chronicles of Spellborn

sb_client 2009-01-08 08-12-37-20

Been playing quite a bit of Chronicles of Spellborn and i have to say there's something about it that i like.
It looks great and is fun to play, so far i have reached level 7 on my main and i am about to leave the starting zone.

I started playing it because it was "free to play", but found out this free to play was only up to level 7, which i reached pretty quickly.
But i actually took a subscription to play this a bit more.

Definatly an interresting game and great looking art style, although i personally don't like the character models, but the world looks awesome.

maandag 5 januari 2009

Holiday fun

Over the christmas holidays i didn't do a whole lot of gaming, i was enjoying my stay in Turkey :)

Although i did bring my PSP with a "new" game, and i did have a few moments were i took it out to play a little.
That game was Star Wars The Force Unleashed.
I played two sessions until i got stuck in a wall and had to do the entire level again :(

So not a whole lot of gaming done, but still having lots of fun :)