donderdag 30 oktober 2008

Dead Space: Crashfest

Dead Space

Been playing a bit of Dead Space on the PC.
So far played a little more than 2 hours, just passed the first chapter and allready experienced 4 crashes...
All crashes seem to happen while working with the workbenches or the store and of course those crashes mean losing all my progress, so having to start all over again from the last save.

Looks like another "solid" EA product.

Also feel the controls really suck on the pc version.
It's an interresting game but so far my experience is not one of fun and in my opinion the reviews (so far) seem to be way to good (maybe a bit too much hype??)

I am going to try play this game a bit more and hopefully my feelings about this game will change, but if it keeps crashing i doubt i will keep playing it, i've allready had enough of it for today and i've played maybe about 30 minutes.

zondag 26 oktober 2008

AFS Uplink #7 is out now


AFS Uplink #7 is now available on iTunes.

A short show this week with the following topics:

Deployment 13.6 fixes issues
AFS Transmission from General British
Deployment 13.8 hits the live servers
Classified AFS Transmission
Feedback Friday talks "Earth Day"

maandag 20 oktober 2008

AFS Uplink Episode 6 is out


Episode 6 of AFS Uplink is now available on iTunes.

In this weeks episode:
Tabula Rasa Goes YouTube
Deployment 13.4 hits the live servers
Live server problems
All out server war
Feedback Friday
Trick or treat

zondag 19 oktober 2008

Age of Conan seems to be OK

Age of Conan
A little while ago i said in a post i would no longer play Age of Conan.
I had recieved an email saying my gametime was up.
However yesterday i decided to check on my account and to my surprise it was still active, it still had about 4 days left so i decided to update and check the game out.

Much to my surprise i had no crashes or problems at all, i played for 3 hours straight!
Looks like they actually fixed the OOM errors, well at least i didn't get any in those 3 hours nor did my maps turn grey or anything.
Might be time to get out that gamecard and keep playing it.

I took Morenn my barbarian to do some quests in the Tarantia Noble District and had a lot of fun, also gained another level and she is now lvl 48.

zaterdag 18 oktober 2008

Changes to the Irendas Penal Colony

Just a little video i made showing some of the changes to the Irendas Penal Colony after the Bane attack (event).

woensdag 15 oktober 2008

Fun event on Centaurus, Gangus Outpost & Irendas Colony

Waiting in line
Had a lot of fun yesterday, saw the message on the oficial website about the Irendas Colony when i got home from work, logged in immediatly, found myself at Gangus Outpost (where i logged out previously) only to find (dead) level 60 stalkers laying around and Exo's running around with bane.
Apperantly i just missed the fun (if only i didn't work overtime i would have had some fun there), but decided to stick around a little when i heard Avatea was going to give away some black and white armor paint, so i just went in line with the others there and got some armor paint (20 black and 20 white), awesome!!

After a little chatting Avatea logged off and i went off to check on Irendas Colony, only to find there were still mobs spawning inside the base (probably the aftermath of the event).
Was lots of fun, although most of the lvl 50 mobs that were spawning where almost impossible to kill (solo was impossible for me as a sniper, hardly did any damage), guess that after a while we just didn't have enough people on anymore, when i started there we could still take them down as squads, but later on they would even come in to the hospital to attack us there some of these mobs would kill me (lvl 50 sniper) in 3 shots, so around 4am i decided to call it a day and go to bed as i was getting killed more than actually doing damage :)

Can't wait to see what's going to happen to either Gangus outpost or Irendas Colony, from what Avatea said, it looks like something will change to either one of them, so i am pretty exited to see what's going to happen.

Bummer i missed the event, but glad i logged in to check things out, at least i got some cool paint :)

I did take some screenshots and posted them over at AFS Soldiers

zondag 12 oktober 2008

Ding!! level 50..

Ding !! level 50

Finally reached level 50 on my main Cynheiddon (sniper).
Only have a few missions/instances left that i still need to complete.

Starting to wonder what alt to level up next, kind of like most classes, but of course i like sniper the most.
Think it's going to be either my sapper, exobiologist or commando that i am going to level, or maybe just play whatever i feel like at that moment and see when they reach 50.

Think i am actually having way to much fun to worry about leveling them :)

AFS Uplink Episode 5


Episode 5 of AFS Uplink is now available on iTunes.

In this weeks episode:
Critters heading out to a new front: Critters leaves Tabula Rasa.
PTS Patchnotes: Deployment 13.4 on PTS
Feedback Friday talks about 3 new systems

zondag 5 oktober 2008

AFS Uplink episode 4


Episode 4 of AFS Uplink is now available on iTunes.

In this weeks episode:
TR 101 in the field: GM_Vagabond adresses the crowd
PTS Patchnotes: Deployment 13.3 on PTS
Feedback Friday talks on PVP Control Points in Deployment 15

zaterdag 4 oktober 2008

Quasso Station: Thunderhead

Tabula Rasa: Quasso Station
Cynheiddon today saw some action in Quasso Station in Thunderhead, a fun instance that can be quite tough. Find the right switches and it becomes a bit easier :)
I didn't spend as much time in here as i did with my previous instance, but it's still a fun instance.

And with this instances there is only one left... the Atta colony..., man i hate Atta's :)

I am getting pretty close to lvl 50 (about 49.5 now) and for now i have gone to the only map that has missions left for me, which is Howling Maw.
Once i am done here i have a few loose ends left with several ToO's on different maps, most of them i still have to find a boss or two and i might have to do a couple of instances here or there, but mostly i'll be done with my sniper.

On the one hand it'll be cool to reach 50 but on the other hand it feels a bit dissapointing as there won't be any missions left, so no more adventures :)