maandag 29 september 2008

AFS Uplink Episode 3 is out


After a little delay i managed to finish recording the third episode, editing was quite a lot of work as i have a pretty bad cold at the moment which i am sure you will hear in this show.

Shownotes for AFS Uplink episode 3
In this weeks show we have the following topics:
A change in command: Tabula Rasa gets a new lead designer.
Patchnotes for deployment 13.
And this weeks Feedback Friday gives us a sneak peak of what's to come.

woensdag 24 september 2008

The Ashen Desert

Ashen Desert - Tabula Rasa

Been playing quite a bit of Tabula Rasa lately, mostly played my main char Cynheiddon, who is now a level 46 Sniper. Yep getting closer to level 50 :)
Currently Cynheiddon is running around on Ligo, Ashen desert, finished pretty much all of the missions and all that's left are the instances.

A little note on Age of Conan, my gametime has ended and because of all the gamecrashes i have decided to stop playing and not use the gamecard that i have laying around, hopefully i'll be back in Age of Conan soon, when they have fixed the crashing/out of memory errors with the game, it's just no fun playing when you are constantly worrying about the game crashing, instead of just playing and having fun.

maandag 22 september 2008

zondag 14 september 2008

My first podcast: AFS Uplink


Well my first podcast is out !
It's a Tabula Rasa Podcast, go ahead and have a listen.

You'll be able to find it on iTunes

Or directly from RSS

zaterdag 13 september 2008



Been playing a bit of Spore and have to say it's more fun than i thought it would be :)
I am now at the stage of conquering space.