donderdag 31 juli 2008

Still exploring Hyboria

AgeOfConan 2008-07-30 05-09-01-98

Well i am still trying to play Age of Conan, so far i have been able to prevent crashes/lockups by logging out and restarting the game as soon as i see my map or radar turning grey, i only had one crash that i didn't see coming by greyed out maps or anything and that happend during a loading screen.

The logging off/restarting is, of course, far from a good solution, especially if your maps turn grey when in the middle of a mission/instance.
The idea of having a crash just when your about to clear the instance......

Have to admit that in my last post i was a bit angry, but i do mean evrything i said, they should fix it.
I will still be playing Age of Conan for a while as i use gamecards and there still quite a bit of time left on my current card.
However i still have an unopened card that i am not sure about if i am going to open it if they haven't fixed the bugs.

Yesterday's gaming session really convinced me that Age of Conan is currently the MMO i like/want to play, i just love the combat and the world of Hyboria is just awesome.
I really don't mind bugs, i just want to game without (having to worry about) crashing (i have to say, apart from the game crashes, i have yet to find any bug or maybe the ones i did encounter didn't bother me enough to remember them).

maandag 28 juli 2008

Age of Conan: a dying age?

AgeOfConan 2008-07-28 22-51-38-64

I love Age of Conan but not right now....
Funny thing, when launching the game you see a message by Funcom, saying they have fixed some memory leaks.
Now i don't know what they mean by fixing, but i hardly ever had any problems at all, not even in beta, but now i am lucky if i can play one hour straight.
Mostly however i crash several times an hour on an "out of memory error" with the occasional lockup (where only the mouse pointer moves but the rest of my system is completely unresponsive) or crash that totally messes up my computer.

Now i have a pretty highend gaming rig (can play Crysis with highest settings without too much problems), far above the recommended system specs, yet the game does not run without problems anymore.

Funcom whatever changes you made, undo them !!! because you are fucking up my game.
And i am not the only one, a couple of searches showed me that lots of people are having the same problems.

Right now i am pretty close to cancelling my subscription, the only thing holding me back (for now) is my love for this game and my (little) hopes of Funcom fixing their fuckups.

I really love this game so if i do cancel i will probably wait for 6 months or so before getting back to check things out, but i will be back (i think).

Signs Age of Conan is about to crash: first your world map turns grey (no landscape, only waypoints and quest markers), then your radar turns grey, then.. just wait a little and.... you start swearing (well i do anyway).

zaterdag 26 juli 2008

Watch me game live!!

I have been messing around with Ustream and some software and i am now able to stream my gaming straight to Ustream.
Unfortianatly i haven't managed to get the sound working, well it works but not ingame sounds :(

So whenever i am gaming (and streaming) you can watch me on this blog, the video has been added to the sidebar.

Live streaming video by Ustream
When it says offline, well than i am offline or not streaming :)
Don't know if someone would actually be interrested in watching me game but i thought it was a lot of fun to stream it, I don't really have a "gaming schedule",so if you're interrested keep an eye out for when i am online/streaming.
Or you could follow me on Twitter, i'll try to get a tweet out when i start streaming.

donderdag 24 juli 2008

Gaming Holidays

Having a three week vacation is great for gaming :)
I recently installed an extra 500gig harddrive in my gaming pc, so finally able to install a lot of "new" games.

Next to a lot of Hellgate London i have started playing the following games:

Diablo II
Game 2008-07-23 15-31-05-62

Gothic 3
Gothic3 2008-07-23 17-00-36-46

and TimeShift
TimeShift 2008-07-23 20-21-37-35

Hellgate Addiction

Hellgate_mp_dx9_x86 2008-07-22 10-12-16-67

The last couple of days (since my last post) i have been completely addicted to Hellgate London, been playing like crazy, it's been a lot of fun and have been playing both Single and multi player.
In single player i have created chars in every class and they're all fun to play.
In multiplayer i had only been playing a marksman, actually marksman was all i had played until a few days ago, starting a fresh character (guardian) actually made me feel like i was playing a whole new game (eventhough the missions are the same).

I was considering a subscription so i could check out the subscriber content, but they have stopped taking subscribers because of the current problems with Flagship studios.
I am somewhat in doubt if i should invest a lot of time in my multiplayer chars as there is no telling what's going to happen with the game/servers.

BTW: what actually draw my attention back to Hellgate was a game trailer i watched (that i haden't seen before), that video really sparked my interrest again :)

zaterdag 19 juli 2008


Hellgate London

Been playing a bit of Hellgate London again, leveled my char up to level 12 in single player.
Still think Hellgate is a fun game.

donderdag 10 juli 2008

Playing Crysis on my Eee PC

I've been messing around a bit with StreamMyGame and have to say it's fun.
I was able to play Crysis on my Eee PC

Playing Crysis on my Eee PC

Of course gaming on an Eee PC is not as awesome as on my gaming rig, but still this is a lot of fun.

zondag 6 juli 2008

Back in Hyboria

AgeOfConan 2008-07-06 02-29-21-29

Been playing Age of Conan, finishing up a bunch of quests and reaching level 27 on my Barbarian.

The more i play this game the more i like it, awesome !

vrijdag 4 juli 2008

Still having fun with Vanguard

VGClient 2008-07-04 01-12-00-84

Played a little bit of Vanguard, continued and finishing a couple of quests.
Still at level 15 with my main Endelion.