zaterdag 24 oktober 2009

Borderlands is a gem


For the last few days i have been playing nothing else but Borderlands, i have been looking forward to this game ever since i saw the first trailers for it a long time ago.
And i have to say so far i am not dissapointed in this game, it's definatly a lot of fun.

The game really looks great, have to admit i was a bit sceptic after they changed/overhauled the look of the game, but this new look really sets this game apart and fits the atmosphere, i really think this game is a gem.
So i recommend checking it out!

maandag 19 oktober 2009

Slaying zombies on a Wii.

The House of the Dead Overkill

So i have bought a Wii recently, i had been thinking about getting one for quite some time but so far i didn't spot any games that i'd like to play with it. However when i recently read/watched some reviews of The House of the Dead Overkil i was pretty much sold.

And i have to say i am really surprised at how much fun a Wii can be, using the Wii remote to "shoot" at the screen or as a sword swinging in front of the screen. Definatly feels like you're more actively involved with the game and even a lesser game can still be a lot of fun on the Wii, i mean i have been having a lot of fun with Onechanbara Bikini Zombie Slayers on the Wii.
So in short a Wii is a lot of fun :)

Console Fun

The console has really gotten to me lately, i haven't touched my gaming PC in weeks now. I guess one of the reasons is the easy use of consoles, just put a game in and play and although i am really a pc gamer, i just am so used to using a keyboard and a mouse and have a hard time using a controller, i am still having a lot of fun.

So what have i been playing lately?
Brutal Legend (X360), Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3), Onechanbara Bikini Zombie Slayers (Wii), The House of the Dead Overkill (Wii), The House of the Dead 2&3 Return (Wii), Halo 3 ODST (X360), Rockband (X360), Guitar Hero 5 (X360), Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3), Wii Sports (Wii).

Some games i have coming in: Borderlands (X360), Ghost Squad (Wii), Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (Wii).

maandag 5 oktober 2009

Mosh it up!!

Played the demo for BrĂ¼tal Legend on the xbox360 yesterday and i have to say this game looks like a lot of fun, i have been following this game for some time now and after playing the demo i just had to pre-order this game.
Can't wait to play the full version, great soundtrack, fun gameplay... Mosh it up!!

vrijdag 2 oktober 2009

No more levels please, lemme go where i wanna go!

Red Faction Guerilla

Lately i have been having a lot of fun in single player, open world type of games, like Red Faction Guerilla, Mercenaries 2 (on Xbox as PC version is a very poor buggy port).
I really enjoy the fact that it is not really level based and you can go wherever you want, unlike MMO's where, if you do that you are likely to end up in a zone where the mobs could be like 10 levels above you and kill you instantly or you get to zones where you can't take any of the quests because your level is too low.

I often like to do basicly nothing in a game and just go out and explore, i really hate having to go and unlock certain parts of the world (like GTA4) and being forced to follow the main story to do so.

I am really starting to get annoyed by gameplay that restricts me from doing stuff because i am not the "appropriate" level.
If i see a huge world i just wanna go out and explore it and if i feel like it i'll pick up a quest or two along the way and be distracted by another while on a quest. I enjoy getting "lost" in a game, i feel that really helps to immerse myself in a game.

So yeah lately i am really more into playing these single player games than MMO's... Can't wait to start playing Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2..

Oh yeah, stay away from the PC version of Mercenaries 2, i love this game and it works great on the Xbox but on PC it just isn't playable (for me), i have a pretty high end machine but i can't play it without the game stuttering/freezing/hanging, just by doing nothing in the game, with all settings to the lowest possible i see the game drop from over 260 FPS to 10 FPS and even freezing for several seconds and from what i can tell by googleing it has been a problem since the game released on PC in 2008!!! so it looks like there is no support for the PC version.
I recommend it for the console but the PC version is a waste of money :(

Red Faction Guerilla on the other hand works perfectly, i got it of off Steam and it instantly worked even with my unusual 3840x1024 screen resolution, without having to change any settings, in other words a perfect console to PC port!

zaterdag 26 september 2009

Console time

Lately i have been playing quite a bit on my consoles and kind of ignored my PC.

Shadow Complex on the Xbox360, actually a lot of fun, as far as i know it's only available on the Xbox marketplace, but it's definatly worth it. It reminds me a lot of the old sidescrolling games and it really surprised me. I really recommend this game.

inFamous on the PS3, finally got around to playing it, had it laying around since it came out, but never got to it. Definatly my favorite type of game (open world/sandbox like game) and sure is a lot of fun, goes right in with some of my other favorites like Saints Row (1&2), Crackdown. So if you like these type of games, go for it.

I also got the urge to play Crackdown again, after reading about Crackdown 2. Still haven't finished it, but after all this time it is still fun.

Zombie Apocalypse for Xbox360, I only tried the demo, was kind of fun, only a bit annoyed by the fact that once a zombie manages to grab you, there's nothing you can do to (try) break free (as far as i know from playing the demo, unless i missed something). Other than that it does what it says shoot as many zombies as you can, so a fun little time waster :)

I did manage to get a little PC time with Prototype, it came out around the same time as inFamous, but my preference went to inFamous, so until now i never got around to try it, i got it on D2D. Somehow i think Prototype doesn't like my PC very much as it doesn't run very well, eventhough i have a pretty high end rig... It definatly doesn't run under my 3840x1024 screen resolution and can't be changed in any way, normally you can mess around a bit with the settings in some files but this game has those files coded...
Kind of dissapointing but it doesn't look like a bad game, maybe it will run better on a console, but on PC.....

So on to my major dissapointment... WET (on PS3), when i saw Bethesda was publishing this game i figured it had to be a good game, or atleast fun, but i really can't understand Bethesda for actually endorsing this game and publishing it, for me this game put a dent in Bethesda's reputation, so far i could pick up a Bethesda game and be pretty sure i would enjoy it (for me Bethesda was like Bioware), but this "game" definatly changed that..
From now on i will definatly wait for reviews to see what the game is like and/or try the demo before buying a Bethesda game. Right now i am "done" with this game and don't know if i'll ever pick it up again, i can't really recommend this game, really a waste of money, maybe if you find it for a few bucks/euros, but definatly not for full price.
I have to give it to them though, they managed to be the first game to have me through my controller across the room, no game has managed that so far (achievement earned).

zondag 20 september 2009

Roleplayin' Age of Conan Machinima

Just found this really fun series on youtube and wanted to share them, i think they're awesome.
Don't forget to check them all five out if you like them, there is episode 0 to 4.

zaterdag 19 september 2009

Riddle me this Batman

Batman Arkham Asylum 2009-09-19 05-48-34-01

So i got a little sidetracked from Fallen Earth :)
I bought Batman: Arham Asylum through D2D cause i heard so much about it, i wanted to wait for the PC version, and guess what it is a lot of fun :)

So far i am only 3% into the game (according to the gamestats) and it's really fun and so far i'd have to say one of the better ports, no issues so far with the camera, controls or anything.

Batman has always been kind of my favorite comics character and this game definatly feels "right". Although it has been quite some years since i read any Batman comics, think the last ones were the Dark Knight series and the Killing Joke, who were awesome.

EDIT: of course i spoke too soon, once again Games For Windows Live is screwing up... it want's to update the game and disconnects me from GfWL if i don't update, updating gets stuck close to finishing and just sits there...

donderdag 17 september 2009

Good old Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth 2009-07-05 11-45-25-76

Not a whole lot of news to post about other than playing lots of Fallen Earth.
Reached level 8 last night, so i am slowly progressing.

I am really getting into Fallen Earth, really enjoy the look and feel of the game, the "sandbox" feeling i get from it, almost giving me the feelings i had way back in the old Star Wars Galaxies.

Haven't had this much fun since Tabula Rasa and it gives me a good feeling to hear the devs aren't aiming to become the next huge mmo on the market, more that they are aiming to become a "niche" game, in which i think they completely succeed. Unlike Tabula Rasa, who obviously aimed for higher numbers and "the next big thing" while they were very clearly a niche game.

It's been a long time since i had that excitement feeling about going home to play that game or actually wanting to go home to get ingame..
Also i haven't been in a guild for a long time, SWG was the last game i was actually in a guild, but i am all set up to join the guild that is being formed by Shawn from the (awesome) "Through the Aftermath" podcast, which should be formed in the very near future.

So you'll probably be hearing from Fallen Earth on this blog for quite some time :)

See you out in the wastelands!

BTW: If you're a Fallen Earth fan, don't forget to join up at Fallen Earth Wanderers :)

zondag 13 september 2009

Fallen Earth Wanderers

Since i really enjoyed running AFS Soldiers for Tabula Rasa i figured i'd have a go at it again :)
So i have created Fallen Earth Wanderers, you can find it here:

I only got it up and running minutes ago and it still needs some work, but i wanted to get it going ASAP :)

zaterdag 12 september 2009

Riding towards the apocalypse

Fallen Earth

I am slowly progressing in Fallen Earth, but having lots of fun.

Few downsides, often combat lags like crazy, as in enemies rubberbanding and hits not registering, often resulting in death, which is obviously not fun.
But i think this pre-order early access is still somewhat of a beta, since the game has not officially launched yet, although many people seem to forget that.

looking at what the Fallen Earth Team has done so far i am pretty impressed and think many "bigger" mmo companies can look at Fallen Earth as an example.
Personally i have full convidence in Fallen Earth!

On another note, as you can see in this screenshot i have the Wasteland Runner horse, i know in my previous post i showed my ATV, so yes i have both now.
I really like the horse as it looks pretty cool and the main reason for me getting it is, i used up all the gas in my ATV and it is damn expensive to get a full tank of gas, right now i can't affort it.
I know i can easily get a horse in game, but i think this horse looked way cooler than the ingame horse you can get, so i got a second copy of the game just to get the Wasteland Runner next to my Fallen Earth ATV :)

See you out in the wastelands!

woensdag 9 september 2009

Fallen Earth early access and ATV.

Fallen Earth ATV

Started playing Fallen Earth's Early access today thanks to the pre-order and also got a cool looking ATV, as you can see in the screenie i am playing as Cynfull.
Hoping to have lots of fun ahead in FE.

donderdag 3 september 2009

Everquest 2: changing a class

EverQuest2 2009-09-03 12-46-56-01

I have been having a lot of fun in Everquest 2 lately and it wasn't with my main, Endellion.
The main problem i think i was having with playing my main was that i betrayed Freeport and kinda had to "re-learn" all skills at a higher level, i was so used to playing a necromancer and had learned using her skills from level 1, when i betrayed i was all of a sudden a conjurer with all new skills and although they are probably very much alike , i still had troubles getting into playing a conjurer.

I started playing a ranger (Cynfull) from the start, who is now lvl 18 and i am having a blast. I really think it helps a lot to learn playing your character from the start and understand all skills as i get them along the way, instead of getting skills at a higher level like i did when i betrayed with my main.

Of course this kind of talk isn't new, ever since people were able to buy max level characters in some mmo's, people have claimed you couldn't play a character well unless you levelled him/her up yourself.
To be honest i never really thought much about it, but right now in Everquest 2 i definatly feel that way and i didn't even get a max level character, i basicly just changed classes with my main and i still have problems getting into it and finding the right skills to use at the right time and as a result get my ass kicked a lot..
I have no doubt that if i really take some time for it i will be able to learn, but right now i am having a blast with my ranger and i will probably keep playing her and rather get the skills as i level up :)

woensdag 2 september 2009

Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth

Eventhough the beta did not completely convince me, i still preordered Fallen Earth.
One of the main things i really enjoyed was the crafting/gathering/scavenging.

Also still hoping the graphics will improve some more at launch, i did log in the last few hours of beta and compared to a few months ago they have definatly improved, i was playing at highest settings and getting around 30fps, although in some cities it dropped dramaticly below 10fps.

I am still not a big fan of the combat, but i think i'll be mainly playing as a crafter anyway.

I never really got to the higher levels of the game, i went through several character whipes and i think the highest i got was level 6, so there is still plenty to explore.

So i can't wait to check it out at launch and get into my cool looking "Fallen Earth" ATV (although i am still waiting on my code to be able to add that ATV to my account).

donderdag 27 augustus 2009

Tabula Rasa was awesome!

Video says enough.
I would give up all of my current MMO's to play TR again..

Neverwinter Nights

nwmain 2009-08-27 05-29-06-60

I know i am late to the party, but i only just started playing Neverwinter Nights and i have to say so far i am loving it.
The gameplay is so much fun i don't even notice the graphics :)

If you haven't played it yet (you probably have), you should definatly give it a go.
If you love RPG's, this is absolutely a "not to miss" game.

I have the "platinum edition" so i stil have plenty of game time left, but i allready have Neverwinter Nights 2 in the mail, plus i understand there is a lot of community made mods out there, so i dont'think i'll get bored playing this :)

They say time flies when you're having fun, well my first gaming session lasted 6 hours and i didn't even realised i had been playing that long...

maandag 24 augustus 2009

From Oblivion to Morrowind

Morrowind 2009-08-23 17-58-55-96

After playing a lot of Oblivion i started to wonder what Morrowind would be like, still a lot of people are saying that Morowind was better than Oblivion, so i got the game on Steam and started playing it.

Have to say that it is taking me a little time to get used to the graphics, the scenery looks pretty good, seeing how old this game is, but i really don't like how the characters look/move.

But i think i can get used to it, if the game itself is good, so far i am having a hard time, it's not as "easy" as Oblivion, there are no quest arrows/markers telling you where to go, and that's one thing we are used to these days, to just follow the pointer and find your quest objective, but hopefully i will be able to overcome that and enjoy the game.

The screenshot i took here was actually a really great moment ingame where i got off of a Strider (i think that's what they are called) and landed in the middle of a sandstorm and my character immediatly shielded her eyes by putting her arm up, thought that was an awesome moment, if this game has more moments like that i am pretty sure i am gonna enjoy it.

So far i have only finished the first part of the main quest and picked up a random (encounter) quest that was pretty funny, so there's still lots to do and explore.

donderdag 20 augustus 2009

Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth

I have been in the Fallen Earth beta for some time and i have to say it's a nice game, definatly a change.
Personally i don't like the combat (so far), but of course this is beta so things might still change.

What i do like however is the crafting/scavenging system in Falen Earth.
I have spend hours on end just scavenging and only doing combat when being attacked.

Especially when playing a "Traveller", you get a lot of crafting quests, and most of the components needed to finish those quests can be found by scavenging or by trading your scavenged good for other items.

I will definatly check this game out when it is released, however i fear that for me it will not be an MMO i will be playing as my main MMO, more of an "on the side" MMO, so it will also depend on the pricing/subscription plans they will be releasing it with.

Personally i really don't want anymore subscriptions, in fact i am allready considering cancelling most (if not all) of my MMO subscriptions.
So i am really hopng they will be going for a "Free to Play" model, like apperantly All Points Bulletin is going to, another game i am definatly interrested in.

Into Oblivion and beyond

Oblivion 2009-08-10 07-11-04-07

Been spending a lot of time playing Oblivion and Fallout 3 mostly.
Decided to try get back into Oblivion, eventhough i previously had troubles with a corrupt savegame.

Just installed a lot of mods and (community made) fixes and low and behold my savegame started working again.
Before, the game would crash right after loading into the game as soon as i started moving.
But since installing the mods/fixes everything is working again.

I think it'sjust awesome to see how many really outstanding mods are made for this game, it definatly extends the gameplay.
And playing this game at a 3840x1024 resolution is really awesome.
Really been loving my time back in Oblivion

Currently my gaming hours are cut a bit short due to computer problems, seems my new quadcore processor is not supported by my motherboard and is causing read/write erors in the RAM, really sucks, especially since the latest BIOS dates back to may 2008.
But new processor (which is even better and more important supported) is ordered so hopefully i will be fixing this in the next few days.

I did finally get back into a little MMO time, decided to check LOTRO out again, of course this game looks stunning in 3840x1024 and with the help of my new GTX 295 videocard (and my old 8800GTX as a PhysX card instead of my Ageia PhysX card) it runs quite well between 40-70 FPS

lotroclient 2009-08-20 00-48-33-59

zaterdag 1 augustus 2009

Wasteland Justice

Wasteland Justice

Just a look at how my character currently looks in Fallout 3, with the help of some cool mods :)

donderdag 30 juli 2009

Fallout of surround gaming

Fallout3 2009-07-06 12-22-47-06

Lots of gaming done in the last couple of weeks.
Finally got my "project" done and got the Matrox Triplehead2Go installed and i am now gaming in "surround gaming" at a resolution of 3840x1024 on 3 monitors.
Needles to say that it looks awesome, no matter what game you play with it.

Been doing lots of gaming, but most recently i have been enjoying Fallout 3 again, hadn't played it in quite sometime but now i am absolutely loving it again.
Especially since i started using some mods, like Enclave Commander and RR Companions Vault.
There's so much stuff out there that will make this game even more fun.

Can't wait to check out the upcoming Fallout 3 DLC, Mothership Zeta, looks like that is going to be a lot of fun.

Also started a new "project", a new videocard. Just ordered a GeForce GTX 295.
Just feel my current card, the 8800GTX, can't just quite manage my new screen resolution while gaming. It's good but i am just not happy with the framerates.
Hopefully this new card will be handling it a lot better (it should).

dinsdag 12 mei 2009

Back into Age of Conan

AgeOfConan 2008-11-23 19-32-02-55

Finally decided to use my gametime card for Age of Conan and tried getting back into it.
Reached another level on my Barbarian who is now level 51.

Still think AoC is a fun game, although i am still dying a lot, most areas just have to many mobs in a close area, so attacking one usually means a whole bunch will join in, if i am not really carefull.

maandag 27 april 2009

MMO burnout ?

Just realised i haven't been posting much on my blog lately.
Not that i've not been playing, those who follow me on Twitter/GamerDNA/Raptr probably saw me game quite a lot.

But when it comes to MMO's, well since Tabula Rasa went down i haven't played them much.
I adventured around a little bit in some of the MMO's i still have a sub for, like my (SOE) Station Access and lifetime sub for LOTRO, also been doing a bit of Beta (like Free Realms and...).

But most of my gaming was done on the PS2, PS3 and Xbox360.
I did finally give in and got a PS3, although i am still dissapointed in the fact that i can't play any PS2 games on it, i still like the PS3.
But my favourite is probably still the Xbox 360, don't know, probably because i feel everything works better or maybe i just like the way the Xbox 360 works better.

Anyway what have i been playing?

Well on the PS2 i have been playing Persona 3 and i have Persona 4 laying around for when i finish Persona 3, also tried to play Everquest Online Adventures but unfortianatly all PAL servers have been taking down and only countries with NTSC can still play this MMO.

On the PS3 i've been playing Killzone 2, Resident Evil 5 (still stuck in the first level, can't beat the big guy), Pain (loved this game, never thought one could have so much fun with a ragdoll physics based game), Siren: Blood Curse and i have Heavenly Sword still laying around to be played.

On the Xbox 360 i've been playing: Saints Row (finally picked it up again), Guitar Hero World Tour, Fable 2 (totally got into this game, great), Peggle, Bully Scholarship Edition and i decided to get Saints Row 2 after playing it mostly on the PC, still think Saints Row is a lot more fun than GTA4, also got the new DLC for it, which i guess is a bit dissapointing but does give a couple of very cool new rides and a new homie you can call straight from the start.

On the PC i have not been playing much the last few weeks but i did start playing Silent Hunter 3, some Fallout 3 and i have a couple of new games waiting to be played, like Zeno Clash and the new Fallout 3 DLC.
But i will probably be playing Saints Row 2 and Fable 2 for a while as i am totally loving these games, i especially like the open world/sandbox feeling in Saints Row 2, i guess this comes as close to an MMO feeling as possible while playing a single player game.

I even bought the strategy guide for Saints Row 2 (although i haven't used it yet, only browsed through it), i usually don't buy strategy guides and when i do it usually means i like the game a lot and want to try to get everything possible out of it.

So after all this console (and mostly single player) gaming i am beginning to wonder if i am burned out on MMO's, some of the upcoming MMO's that i was really excited for don't seem that exciting anymore.
I guess only time will tell, for now i am having lots of fun playing Saints Row 2 and Fable 2.

zondag 22 maart 2009

Arrived at Qeynos

EverQuest2 2009-03-22 05-23-02-72

Finally made it to Qeynos with my main, after working on getting my -50000 faction with Qeynos up to a positive.
My Necromancer changed into a Conjuror, definatly gonna take some time to get used to my "new" skills, really need to set up my toolbars.. kind of annoying but should not be a huge problem :)

So far Qeynos feels a lot better than Freeport.
I am now on my way discovering The Thundering Steppes and Antonica.

woensdag 18 maart 2009

Back into space

SwgClient_r 2009-03-18 13-14-34-81

Been working on my expertise for my smuggler, changing it from full Beast Master spec to a Smuggler/BM spec made it possible to be a bit more effective in fights, but i am still not able to beat lvl 90 elites.
I can take on 3 normal lvl 90 at the same time and i did manage to kill a couple of lvl 87 silver elites, but they were very tough fights, also lost a couple.

Still need to lvl up my pet who is now a lvl 38, but to more effective i might also need a pet with better stats, my current, a Fanged Tiglon doesn't have really good stats, but i like it too much to get a new pet :)

Also went back into space to work on my space collections, curently working on my "Void Wing" kill quota, only need about 150 kills to get my tier 2, found a nice spot with a steady spawn that also has some Black Sun around so i can get some kills into that collection too.

Also remembered i still need to master pilot, but that last mission to master is a pain when trying to solo, although i haven't tried it in a long time, might give it another go sometime soon, i'd really like to get out of my fighter and fly that YT-1300 that has been in my storage for so long..

zaterdag 14 maart 2009

It's in the cards.

SwgClient_r 2009-03-14 09-55-52-07

Still playing a lot of the SWG Trading Card Game, not doing much else inside the game.
This cardgame can be really fun, but i still need to figure out how to play, i suck :)

So eventhough i don't know how to play, i am still having fun..

donderdag 12 maart 2009

Playing Cards SWG style

SwgClient_r 2009-03-12 10-02-30-12
Akean Kressh, lvl 90 Smuggler.

Been back in SWG, mostly just hanging around in my house (just outside Anchorhead called "The Secret Smugglers Hideout" on Ahazi) doing some (re)decorating and playing a bit of the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game, Should really figure out how to play this, can't even win from the AI on easy :)

zondag 8 maart 2009

Operation Games for Windows Life - Failed

Fallout3 2009-03-07 22-10-57-32

Eventhough i bought Operation Anchorage for Fallout 3, it was apperantly not installed...
For some reason Games for Windows Live wouldn't update because my system had a different language than the automatic update Games for Windows Live was recieving, i was redirected to a Windows site with a possible solution, that of course didn't work either...

Even downloading and re-installing the latest version of GfWL didn't solve thas issue, what a piece of crap.
Going through and installing all available updates for Windows itself... you guessed it, didn't work either.
But eventually Google came to the rescue, i searched for the error message i was getting when trying to install Operation Anchorage and i found a forumpost having that same problem and by clicking on a possible solution from a poster i was finaly able to find a post that had a link to the the Dutch language update for WinXP/GfWL.
Apperantly it is to difficult for Microsoft to support different language systems with their software....

Anyway.. on to Operation Anchorage, i definatly enjoyed it, it felt a bit (too) short as i went through it in a few hours and i don't think you can do it again, eventhough i think it would be awesome, afterall it is a simulation program, so why not give you the option to run it again??

The gameplay (and scenery) felt different enough to give a little change of action and i had a lot of fun running through it.
I think i got most of the content done, i only missed one intelligence briefcase (only got 9/10), but since there is no going back i won't be able to search for the last one :(

If you like Fallout 3, Operation Anchorage is deffinatly worth getting.

zaterdag 7 maart 2009

Roaming the wastelands

Fallout3 2009-03-05 16-01-06-39

The last few days i've been really getting into the Fallout universe, been playing a lot of Fallout 3 (still haven't finished it and still looking to get Operation Anchorage after i purchased it, but i am no rush whatsoever). Really looking forward to the upcoming DLC.

Also thanks to Good Old Games i am playing Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics and eventhough they look familiar i can't say i remember playing them back then, so i am sure i'll have a lot of fun playing them.

Allready started playing the original Fallout and so far i am having a lot of fun.

zondag 1 maart 2009

Farewell Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa Forever!!

Well it's over :(
Spend the last few minutes wasting ammo, and then came that feared last message "You have been disconnected from the server"...

I am really gonna miss this game!

Tabula Rasa Forever!!

zaterdag 28 februari 2009

The end is near..

tabula_rasa 2009-02-28 15-29-30-35

A sad day today..
Tabula Rasa will be closing down.

I am not doing much gaming, mostly just hanging out enjoying my last moments in TR.

Will definatly be taking part in the "endgame" events.
Feels wierd, knowing there will be no more TR after today :(

Ding!! two years :)

Only just realised that 10 days ago this blog turned "level" 2.

Yay! party :)

woensdag 25 februari 2009

Soloing isn't that bad :)

sr2_pc 2009-02-22 07-49-41-95

I have not been playing any MMO's for at least a couple of weeks, but i've been having a lot of fun with Saints Row 2.
Despite many flaws/bugs, like stuff dissapearing in front of your eyes, framerate issues (try driving a car through traffic with 7 FPS) not to mention that when i installed the game i had to download some third party DLL files to make it run, apperantly i had to "emulate" my keyboard and mouse to an Xbox controler to stop the menu from scrolling...
Also until a recent update, i couldn't run this game in widescreen (16:9 resolution)...

They obviously put very little work in making this PC port, bad, bad job :(

But having said that i am still having a lot of fun playing this game.

I also got GTA 4 for the PC (allready played it on the X360, but never finished it), but i am liking Saints Row a lot more.

Next to that i started playing the old Fallout games, i got Fallout and Fallout 2 through, i have to admit i never played them before, but since i like Fallout 3 so much i really wanted to check them out and for $12 what's there to loose right?

So for now it looks like i will be mainly playing single player games, but might get back into some MMO's sometime soon... or am i done playing MMO's..??

zaterdag 31 januari 2009

donderdag 29 januari 2009

Search for the lost quest objectives..

sb_client 2009-01-29 21-05-18-87

Finally reached lvl 8 :)
Been doing a couple of quests, most of the time i feel like i am lost..
When questing it is not always clear on were to find those objectives, sometimes not even a hint as to what direction to go, so i find myself constantly wandering around, hoping to come across a quest objective....

Now i don't mind exploring, in fact i like exploring, but sometimes i just wanna get some quests done and at those times it's annoying if you don't know where to go :(
Maybe i am spoiled by WoW, with it's quest addons, but i would like to know where to look for stuff when i am out questing..

Another thing i noticed is that it is awfully quiet on my server, not many people around, despite the fact there are only 2 "international" servers. I spend a couple of hours ingame and i think i only saw 4-5 people, probably not a good sign.. :(
Also as far as i can tell, no game updates or patches since 23rd December last year..

woensdag 28 januari 2009


sb_client 2009-01-28 08-54-06-34

Played a bit of Chronicles of Spellborn, having a hard time getting into it, but definatly think it's a beautifull game.
Just went into a new area with lots of new quests to do, but still at lvl 7 with my character.

Also been having a couple of crashes at game startup, which i think is being caused by the "gameguard" software. Quite annoying..

maandag 26 januari 2009

On my way to gold ?

WoW 2009-01-26 21-06-16-90

Just had a quick game of WoW, turned in a few quests reaching lvl 19.
Been mostly hunting and working on my skinning and leather working skills, of course hoping to turn these skills into earning some gold :)

I am currently running three addons in WoW, that are a lot of help, first one is Questhelper, combined with the second one TomTom, giving great info on the open quests and where to go.
And my third one, i allready wrote about is Azeroth Advisor, getting info on what to do and where to go next when you reach another level is a great help.
I can definatly recommend these three addons.

Also pretty happy about the fact that this is my highest character so far in WoW :)

zondag 25 januari 2009

Hunting levels & achievements

WoW 2009-01-25 17-45-59-06

Been having lots of fun playing WoW.
Mostly played Cynheiddon, my Blood Elf Hunter, been doing tons of questing and leveled her up to lvl 16.

Realised WoW is so much fun because it's just that, fun to play. :)

I've also been working on skinning and fishing skills and got a couple of achievements.
To help a little bit in questing i also started using the "Azeroth Advisor", gives quite a bunch of usefull tips on what gear to get, where to go for questing or skinning and info on skills as you level up, you get those "newsletters" in your email.
Definatly reccomend checking it out.

zaterdag 24 januari 2009

Starting a crusade

WoW 2009-01-23 16-29-23-98

I recently got the Burning Crusade expansion for WoW (i know i am late to the party, but i didn't see a need to get it if my highest character is lvl 17), so decided to get back to a little WoW, have started a new character to try out a Blood Elf, so far liking this new character/zone a lot.
So far she's up to level 7, leveling seems pretty quick and i am having a lot of fun.

The only thing i (still) hate in WoW is, almost the moment you log in you get duel request after duel request.. very annoying.
Still haven't found the option to turn on auto decline on duel requests.. is it even there ?
Nothing is more distracting/annoying than being busy reading though a quest text and having those requests pop up.

maandag 19 januari 2009

Ship ahoy!

potbs 2009-01-18 21-50-14-21

Finally got around playing Pirates of the Burning Sea.
I am a bit dissapointed to see i am still seeing all kind wierd of graphics bugs going on (like character dissapearing and only seeing a "walking" sword), seems to be worse than it was in beta.
Luckily i only get those problems with avatar combat.

The ship to ship combat, which i liked the most in beta, is still looking great and a lot of fun and is of course what this game focusses on.
Granted i have only done a few battles so far and am only level 3, so still a lot to do and (re)discover.

zondag 18 januari 2009

Betraying Freeport

EverQuest2 2009-01-17 20-03-01-43

Keeping with my (unofficial) 2009 Gaming Resolutions, play more of the Station Access games, i went back to play Everquest 2.
And i have to say it's still a fun game to play.

But being on the Freeport side got boring to me and after getting a quest to go collect taxes in a certain village i thought, screw that and went to go do the betrayel quest. My main is currently an exile working her way into Quenos.

Before getting there i went through quite a few quests in the commenlands, which is also starting to bore me, but i did reach level 24 on my main Endellion (necromancer), leveled up 3 times in there.

I though after the betrayel quest i would be out of the commenlands, but nope, they send me right back to do more quests there to gain favor with Quenos :(

I also found out SOE had put their games on Steam, so i went to have a look and couldn't resist buying the Shadow Oddysee expansion.

I also bought Pirates of the Burning Sea, i did a lot of beta testing with this game but never played it after launch. I saw the game for 7.99 Euros on Steam, so figured what the heck, let's give it a go.
I definatly wanted to check that game out but it was very hard to find the game in stores, the only stores that had it were selling it for around 50 euros, which is a bit too much for my liking.

I always thought PotBS was a fun game, but more of an "on the side" game not as my main game, but for 7.99 euros and being part of Station Access, i couldn't resist :)

zaterdag 17 januari 2009

Having to go back to the same place over and over is no fun!

VGClient 2009-01-17 04-33-59-32

Played a bit of Vanguard today, still a fun game.
Finishing up some of my quests, mostly in the same spider cave which got pretty boring after having to return over and over... but i did reach level 16 on my Bard, Endellion.

vrijdag 16 januari 2009

Adding Collections

SwgClient_r 2009-01-15 02-50-01-70

Finally went back to check out SWG again, mostly still annoyed with all those epic mobs and quests that require a group to do.
But i did have some fun going out looking for stuff for my collections and in the process found out quite a bit of new collections.

I also found a few "quests" (read kill stuff) that had no epic mobs in them so i was able to solo them and it gave me a lot of points with the Hutt faction :)
Also found a nice place close to my house for grinding my pet, who is at the moment level 31, so i still have quite a bit of grinding ahead.
The downside to having a full beast master template next to my smuggler profession is that i am missing a lot of the smuggler expertise and really depend on my pet, but of course a lvl 31 pet doesn't do much against a lvl 90 mob and even my lvl 90 smuggler has a lot of difficulties in taking them down, just seems like i am doing hardly any damage while taking a lot.. :(

For this new year i want to try and play more SOE games as i am paying for Station Access and i figure need to spent at least some time with 3 games to make station access worth it or i should cancel it, for the last months i have not played any SOE games at all despite having an active Station Access account.

And there is plenty to play in my account: Everquest, Everquest 2, Star Wars Galaxies, Matrix Online and Vanguard and i could also get Pirates of the Burning Sea, i did a lot of beta testing for this game but never actually started playing it when it launched.

woensdag 14 januari 2009

Out in the woods

lotroclient 2009-01-10 17-39-20-59

I've finally been getting into crafting in LOTRO, been a long time i actually enjoyed crafting, think the last time i seriously crafted was back in Star Wars Galaxies.

Been really enjoying Forester, really fits my character (who's a hunter) and am definatly getting into the fun of Woodworker. Allready earned my first few silvers from my crafted stuff :)

I also went out to do a litle exploring in The Lone Lands, reached lvl 21 there.

I have also created a new character to try out the Warden class, played her through the tutorial and the first few quests, so far looks like a fun class to play.

maandag 12 januari 2009

Who says it should be challenging ?

lotroclient 2009-01-12 01-57-57-59

I have been mostly going through the lower (starting) zones with my Hunter.
Now i know there are no challenges in this, doing quests that are 10-15 levels below my own level, but i wasn't looking for a challenge.
I was just looking for fun, and fun is definatly what i am having.

I just tend to slightly roleplay my character, who is a hunter, fill up my quest journal and just go out explore the region and try to find the stuff/NPC's needed for the quests.
Of course the mobs are easy and the xp is low, but i am having fun and that's all that matters, some of the quests are interresting to see/read, of course there is always the fetch me x of y or kill x rats, but they don't take very long so i can move on.

I really enjoy that the mobs are so low in level they won't attack me, that way i can explore areas that would otherwise be almost impossible because of mobs swarming the place and constantly attacking.

There are probably lots of people disagreing with me, who actually want a challenge, well if i want a challenge i'll try real life. I am not in it for a challenge, i am in to "escape" play a game and have some fun. And if i ever felt like a challenge i will go into the higher level zones or try doing a group quest solo or maybe do some PvP.

So far i have reached level 20 with my main, not going fast but at least i am having fun :)

So here's to outleveling content :)

zaterdag 10 januari 2009

Dude, where's my ring!

lotroclient 2009-01-09 19-03-00-59

Finally been getting back into LOTRO, changing from Bree-Land to The Shire, definatly changed my gaming experience.
I was getting very frustrated with Bree-Land and The Shire turned out to be very refreshing and fun.

So far i have reached level 19 on my main Hunter, Cynheiddon.

I recently decided i "had" to get back into LOTRO, because i figured having a lifetime sub and not actually playing it was a waste.
So my intentions are to keep playing LOTRO, i even bought the expension Mines of Moria eventhough my highest lvl char is only 19 and from what i understand minimum lvl for Mine of Moria is lvl 50.
But i figured i will get there eventually if i keep playing.

The only things that annoy me is the fact that a lot of the cool quests turn into group quests and since i work shifts i am on at different (wierd) times and it is often very hard to find a group, which means i can't do the quests unless i level up to a level where i can beat them solo.

The other thing that sometimes annoy me is the directions you get for some quests, sometimes it takes very long to find a mob, try finding a single mob or item that is suppose to be north-east of a city.... i mean that could be anywhere on the map.
I would definatly love a quest helper that at leasts points you in the right direction, i love exploring but sometimes it gets very frustrating (and of course i turn to the web for an answer).

donderdag 8 januari 2009

The Chronicles of Spellborn

sb_client 2009-01-08 08-12-37-20

Been playing quite a bit of Chronicles of Spellborn and i have to say there's something about it that i like.
It looks great and is fun to play, so far i have reached level 7 on my main and i am about to leave the starting zone.

I started playing it because it was "free to play", but found out this free to play was only up to level 7, which i reached pretty quickly.
But i actually took a subscription to play this a bit more.

Definatly an interresting game and great looking art style, although i personally don't like the character models, but the world looks awesome.

maandag 5 januari 2009

Holiday fun

Over the christmas holidays i didn't do a whole lot of gaming, i was enjoying my stay in Turkey :)

Although i did bring my PSP with a "new" game, and i did have a few moments were i took it out to play a little.
That game was Star Wars The Force Unleashed.
I played two sessions until i got stuck in a wall and had to do the entire level again :(

So not a whole lot of gaming done, but still having lots of fun :)