zondag 23 juni 2013

Hero of the Little Computer People

I've been trying to piece together my (vintage) collection of computer games with the help of Game Collector by Collectorz.com and i have to say finding back all those games is a lot of fun, pulling them out of storage one by one.

But to me there are two of my games that stand out, that i have some of the best memories of.

First one is one i probably allready talked about :)

That's H.E.R.O. for the Atari 2600. (Wikilink)
Basicly what you do in this game is save people (miners) form mineshafts with the use of explosives a laser and a helicopter backpack, hence the name H.E.R.O. - Helicopter Emergency Rescue Operation.

I spend many hours playing this "against" my father beating eachothers score over and over and over again.
I still see it as one of the best games ever made.

The second game that came to me was Little Computer People for the Commodore 64. (Wikilink)

I guess you could call this game the sims of the day, or maybe even what started the (idea of) sims.
Most of the gameplay consists of keeping your littlle computer person happy, fed, entertained and occasionally pet him.
And he just lived there, being happy (if you took good care of him) or died if you didn't pay him any attention.
Back then, the idea of a little person living inside your computer was pretty awesome, nowadays you laugh but back then as a kid, in the 80's on a commodore 64....

Anyways, many hours i spend "playing" this game (or was this game playing me??), let alone the countless hours of sleep lost over taking care of my little computer person.

If you are a big sims fan i really recommend checking this game out.

So yeah, there you have it, these two games are absolutely my two favorites among my old games, of course there are a lot more classics like that and really good games, but you can only have a few favorites :)

vrijdag 7 juni 2013

Gamer Problems, Gamer Solutions!

Most gamers are probably just like me and get (most of) their games digitally through Steam, Origin or any other service nowadays. However if you've been a gamer for years, you're probably just like me and have lots of DVD's laying around taking up lots of (storage) space. I hate throwing them away, so i started looking around for an easier way to store them that takes up a lot less space and this is what i found:
Sleeves :)
Basicly you have a sleeve to hold all the artwork (cover, booklets etc.) and a sleeve for the DVD (can hold 2 DVD's).
Taking everything out of the box and putting it in the sleeves and as you can see it takes up a lot less space.

It also makes it easier to store them away in a box or you can put a lot more of them on shelves.
These sleeves also have binder holes so you can put them in binders if you wanted. Personally i am not a big fan of binders, so i cut of the binder holes part.

I also did this with my DVD (movie) collection and could put around 100 DVD's (in sleeves) in the same space that would normally be taken by 16 DVD's in their normal boxes, so yeah, a huge space saver :)

If you're interrested in where i got them, you can find them at 3kaze, there isn't much information on their website and you can only order through paypal, but i have made several orders from them and have to say they ship fast, they send the stuff from Malaysia but i usually recieved it within a week through DHL and they are pretty cheap.
I had looked at other solutions, there's also some that can be found on Amazon.com, like DiscSox, they do look a lot nicer, but they are also a LOT more expensive.