maandag 31 oktober 2011

Yes, i play that too!

It's one of those games that you are not likely to admit playing when talking to friends about what you play, i mean telling them you played Battlefield 3 is ok (they play it too) and nowadays saying you play World of Warcraft is not recieved that badly, at least not as bad as a few years ago.
One of those i do no talk about (much) is the one i have been playing for the last couple of days, The Sims 3..
It's one of those "guilty pleasure" games that i enjoy playing for a while and than forget about for some time.
Just a few days ago i bought the pets expansion and have been having fun with that, so far i have only had a few pets that i picked up out and about (like a rat and a bird) and one cat.
Have to say i really like how they have done the cat, a lot of fun to watch.

However yesterday i felt a little bad, my character is a vampire so she does not age, the cat however did and so the result was that Death visited my house to pick up the cat and shortly after that both the rat and the bird died too.

"Death claiming my cat, Zoe"

I have also been trying to advance with the band i formed but for some reason everytime i go to perform a show, one of my band members quits playing and has to leave for whatever reason, before the show is suppose to be over resulting in a failure, so very annoying.

The Sims has been one of those games, that over the years i have always had on my PC to waste those hours away, to me it has always been a very addictive game.

zondag 23 oktober 2011

For the memories!

tabula_rasa 2011-10-22 17-52-15-13

Last night i spend 3 hours just walking around on maps, currently there is nothing else working on this server (it's not even in alpha yet), and it's amazing i still remember were to go ater 3 years and all the memories coming back..
I would come across a spot and suddenly remember battles/fights that i had there or remember what happened the first time i got to or found a certain spot, fun moments or especially frustrating moments :)

I didn't even realise i had spent 3 hours just walking around, although it did feel kind of wierd walking around and not see any dropships dropping off enemy patrols, they always turned up anywhere you'd go :)
It also felt wierd to walk into bases that would always be attacked/defended by enemy forces and not see anyone there fighting for it (or any NPC's at all for that matter) and remember how much fun i had fighting for those bases.

Fun times!

dinsdag 18 oktober 2011

It never felt so good to be back!

tabula_rasa 2011-10-18 19-53-41-07

So far it feels great to be able to log back in to Tabula Rasa.
Of course i tried recreating my old character, Cynheiddon Endelienta :)

At the moment it doesn't seem like you can do much (at least i couldn't).
When i logged in i ended up in Divide and all i could do was walk around, which itself is awesome to be able to do.
I only saw one enemy NPC, which i wasn't able to attack nor did it attack me. I had no ammo so couldn't shoot. I didn't find any gates to move to another planet or any other NPC's to interact with, like vendors to buy ammo from.

Really can't wait to see what these guys can do and to see what features will be implemented.

And here's a little video of my first steps back in Tabula Rasa :)

Ah, it feels good!!

It's Tabula Rasa time, i mean Infinite Rasa!


Just found this today, but it looks like there is some effort in bringing back Tabula Rasa!!
It's called Infinite Rasa and it's is a community driven effort to put a public server up for anyone who wants to play the game.

You can find the site here:

Right now i am downloading the game (apperantly you need a specific build of TR) and will hopefully be able to tell you what's going on..
According to the site it's really alpha stage and very buggy and a lot of stuff doesn't work (yet).

I am definatly excited, just the idea of maybe playing TR again :)

Anyway i am really hoping this effort will be succesfull, so that people who never played TR have a chance to see how great a game TR was.

Anyway if you really liked Tabula Rasa or always wanted to check it out this might be your change.

vrijdag 7 oktober 2011

Manage this!

fm 2011-10-07 13-46-58-28

I just realised i have been ignoring my blog, a lot..
One of the main reasons is i have been gaming a lot, and not my usual games either.

Years ago one of my main "guilty pleasures" were manager games and i didn't care much what kind of management games, but the main ones i was playing back then were Football and Formula 1.
I can loose myself in these games for days/weeks.

At the moment i have been playing Football Manager 2011 like a madman and the funny thing is, i don't even like football (soccer), but the managing aspect makes up for that.
It's just a lot of fun trying to get a winning team together within the limitations you have. Negotiating with players or staff.
Putting together a team and than see how they do out on the field is really fun, especially if you start winning.

I started with these type of games in the late 90's when i played games like "Grand Prix Manager 2" a Formula 1 management game where you managed an F1 team, damn i don't even remember how much i played this but it must have been a lot, to this day i still think it's one of the best (F1) management games out there and i probably played all of these F1 management games back then.
Although my first experiences with these type of games was even longer ago, i remember going crazy on a Commodore 64 game called "Endzone" which was an American Football manager game published in 1990.

Somehow i always have periods when i find these games again and get the urge to play them.
Eventually i will probably get bored with this game and go back to my "regular" gaming but until than i am having lots of fun playing my "guilty pleasure" :)