vrijdag 25 februari 2011

Dragon Born

I am sure everyone has allready seen this trailer, but for those that didn't, here it is :)

I have to say the ingame footage is looking really nice.
Like i said in my previous post about Skyrim, i am allreay pretty sure i am getting this game, but this first ingame footage makes me even more excited about the next Elder Scrolls.

But i guess for now we wait (and see what else they got coming), the end of the trailer showed a date: 11-11-11, so it's still a long wait, but at least it's this year.

Funny that i am actually looking forward to single player RPG's more than MMO's, i mean i definatly can't wait to get my hands on Star Wars the Old Republic, but i am also very excited for Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 3 and TESV: Skyrim.

donderdag 24 februari 2011

Happy 4th !! Another year gone by..

So another year went by (on Feb 18th) and this blog is now level 4.
Looking back i see how my blog kinda changed over the years, from mostly diary type of posts to attempts of "writing".

I have also noted by postcounts have gone up and down, i remember the days of Tabula Rasa where i would be posting almost every day about my adventures while questing and exploring, often trying to come up with the coolest screenshots i could find.
Ever since TR went down so went my posting, i still post every now and then about my gaming but looking back, i think none of my current games makes me as exciting as TR did, Tabula Rasa alone has 92 entries on this blog and none of the games i play come close to that (yet).

At the moment i am really looking forward to Star Wars the Old Republic and i also hope this game will excite me enough to really pick up on posting more.

I will often get ideas about stuff i wanne post about, but often it doesn't result in a decent blogpost, at least not to my liking, so i don't post.
Every day i look at my blog and tell myself i wanna post something, i should post something, but when there is nothing that sparks my interrest enough to get me to write....

Lately i have been thinking however about maybe trying it a bit different and the blog Bullet Points gave me that idea, just post little notes about the games i play or stuff that interrests me instead of trying to write an "article" about one subject (and then not post it because i don't like the post).
I really like the format and enjoy reading the Bullet points blog.

But of course having an idea is one thing, to start posting is another..
I really wanne try and get back to the days of the "diary" posts but also add a little more, i mean i could start posting screenshots and add a line of text to it but i really want it to be more than that. Looking back to those posts, they are nice screenshots and it's nice to see what i am playing, but with Raptr and stuff like that, those posts are probably not very interresting to anyone reading this blog as you can already see what i am playing on Raptr.

In short, this blog isn't going anywhere.
I just need a little kick in the butt to get me going again :)

woensdag 9 februari 2011

So which side will you choose Human or Cylon?


I have been playing a bit of Battlestar Galactica Online and have to say it's fun.
I have been in the beta for a little while and with the NDA lifted i can finally talk about it :)
I do have to say it's not all clear as to what you need to do or where, as in there are no real pointers like in WoW for example, to me it still looks like there is a lot of exploring before you happen to stumble across one of your mission objectives (or maybe it's just me not looking at the right stuff).

It definatly looks like a very nice game, especially considering it all takes place in your browser.
The flying is nice and the shooting is a lot of fun, of course there are same old, same old misions like the kill ten rats type, although here you're shooting asteroids. And a lot of the missions feel the same: go there and kill some stuff.
Although i have done a few missions in which i was "guided" by Apollo and Starbuck, that were a lot of fun, so i am definatly hoping for more missions like that.

But for it being a browser game and Battlestar Galactica i give it some kudos, it's definatly a game worth some gametime and especially as an "on the side game" this could be a lot of fun.

I really do need to spent some more time playing it and get further into the game, right now i have a level 3 (human) character and i am really curious what they did with this game at higher levels, after all, Battlestar Galactica has some really great potential as a game, if done right.