maandag 23 april 2007


Well here's a little update from me, i know haven't been writing much lately, that's because i was mostly busy gaming..
Recently started playing The Matrix Online, and i have to say i really like it.
I specificly like the fact that there's an ongoing story that effects the world around you.
Seems like efforts are being made here to keep this game fun and interresting.
I also started on the so called "archived missions", which are old story line missions, a way for newer players to experience the story line of MxO (or for old players to experience them again).
So far i am hooked to MxO :)

As for my other games..., well not much going on, hardly touched SWG and Vanguard (only a few hours) and only logged in to EQ2 to pay upkeep for my room :)

I have signed up for a few beta's to games that are "on my radar", games that look very interresting to me.
Of course if i do get in to the beta it is very unlikely i will be talking about it here as there usually is an NDA in effect, which means i can't (or am not allowed) to talk about it.
I did however get a beta key to a "certain" game (not one of the games i was hoping for though), the only problem being i had to create an account using my credit card and their website only accepted credit cards form Canada and the US, so i won't be participating in that beta.

Games that are currently on my radar:
Tabula Rasa
Pirates of the Burning Sea
Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures
The Chronicles of SpellBorn

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