woensdag 25 juli 2007

Lets pillage their town and steal their booty!

Well good thing i'm on my first week of a three week holiday as i just got an invite for another (MMO) beta :)
Of course being under NDA means i am not allowed to talk about it here (or anywhere else), but i have been looking forward to this one, been keeping my eyes on this MMO for months, always hoping to get excepted into the beta.

Talking about beta's the other beta i am in atm is absolutely a game i am going to continue playing, been having lots of fun there, no more high fantasy, elves or other crap as i am getting sick of that.

I've been cancelling several of my subscriptions, because i was getting bored with those games (guess fantasy just isn't me, it just doesn't keep me interrested long enough).
Been playing quite a few free2play games and loving them (really enjoying those martial arts type of games: 9Dragons, Hero Online e.a.), i'd rather spend some cash in games that i actually like to play than to continue paying for subscriptions to games i hardly play.

Anyway, once the launcher finishes downloading i'll be off playing :)

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