woensdag 7 november 2007

Tabula Rasa


Still playing Tabula Rasa, made it to level 12 today.
Mostly been out collecting Logos and exploring, well not really, most of it is "known grounds" as i have been there before in beta, so it's not really exploring :)
But it is still fun to see the changes made since the last time i was in beta.

Think i'll be going for sniper this time with my character.

If you're a European player you might consider starting a character on a US server, at the moment there is only one EU server and it's over populated (at prime time there are often waiting times to log in), also there's a lot of people that think that since this is a European server you can speak your own language and not the "universal" language (English), it's sure annoying the hell out of me, i've actually started using /addignore on all players not speaking English.

Richard Garriot/General British (well it was an admin saying to be RG) was online last weekend stating there will be more EU servers added, they were somewhat surprised with the sales in Europe, but new server means new character as there will not be any char transfers.
He has also stated there will be English/German/French chat channels added, so chat will become a lot more enjoyable (can't come to soon for me).

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