woensdag 6 augustus 2008

Entering the arena

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Had a real positive experience in Age of Conan.
I was having trouble finishing the "Obtaining the Noble Arena key" questline, had to defeat a guy to get access to the arena, however the NPC was bugged, you would be able to get his health down to half and he would stop fighting.
After trying for a few days i decided to send in a petition about it (i was allready lvl 46 and didn't wanna outlevel most content), within a minute a GM responded and came to me ingame.
I explained the situation to him, he basicly said it was a known issue and asked me to wait a while for him to contact another GM who could reset the quest for me.
After waiting for a while another GM contacted me and straight away "fixed" the quest by setting this quest as having defeated the guy, after this i was able to continue this quest line.

So all in all the GM's are great in Age of Conan, i won't mention their names but i do thank them for contacting me and fixing it for me so fast, absolutely one of my most positive GM experiences.
If you're having troubles with this quest (and i am sure many have), do a petition and it will be fixed for you, just one advice: be nice :)

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