woensdag 24 september 2008

The Ashen Desert

Ashen Desert - Tabula Rasa

Been playing quite a bit of Tabula Rasa lately, mostly played my main char Cynheiddon, who is now a level 46 Sniper. Yep getting closer to level 50 :)
Currently Cynheiddon is running around on Ligo, Ashen desert, finished pretty much all of the missions and all that's left are the instances.

A little note on Age of Conan, my gametime has ended and because of all the gamecrashes i have decided to stop playing and not use the gamecard that i have laying around, hopefully i'll be back in Age of Conan soon, when they have fixed the crashing/out of memory errors with the game, it's just no fun playing when you are constantly worrying about the game crashing, instead of just playing and having fun.

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