maandag 27 april 2009

MMO burnout ?

Just realised i haven't been posting much on my blog lately.
Not that i've not been playing, those who follow me on Twitter/GamerDNA/Raptr probably saw me game quite a lot.

But when it comes to MMO's, well since Tabula Rasa went down i haven't played them much.
I adventured around a little bit in some of the MMO's i still have a sub for, like my (SOE) Station Access and lifetime sub for LOTRO, also been doing a bit of Beta (like Free Realms and...).

But most of my gaming was done on the PS2, PS3 and Xbox360.
I did finally give in and got a PS3, although i am still dissapointed in the fact that i can't play any PS2 games on it, i still like the PS3.
But my favourite is probably still the Xbox 360, don't know, probably because i feel everything works better or maybe i just like the way the Xbox 360 works better.

Anyway what have i been playing?

Well on the PS2 i have been playing Persona 3 and i have Persona 4 laying around for when i finish Persona 3, also tried to play Everquest Online Adventures but unfortianatly all PAL servers have been taking down and only countries with NTSC can still play this MMO.

On the PS3 i've been playing Killzone 2, Resident Evil 5 (still stuck in the first level, can't beat the big guy), Pain (loved this game, never thought one could have so much fun with a ragdoll physics based game), Siren: Blood Curse and i have Heavenly Sword still laying around to be played.

On the Xbox 360 i've been playing: Saints Row (finally picked it up again), Guitar Hero World Tour, Fable 2 (totally got into this game, great), Peggle, Bully Scholarship Edition and i decided to get Saints Row 2 after playing it mostly on the PC, still think Saints Row is a lot more fun than GTA4, also got the new DLC for it, which i guess is a bit dissapointing but does give a couple of very cool new rides and a new homie you can call straight from the start.

On the PC i have not been playing much the last few weeks but i did start playing Silent Hunter 3, some Fallout 3 and i have a couple of new games waiting to be played, like Zeno Clash and the new Fallout 3 DLC.
But i will probably be playing Saints Row 2 and Fable 2 for a while as i am totally loving these games, i especially like the open world/sandbox feeling in Saints Row 2, i guess this comes as close to an MMO feeling as possible while playing a single player game.

I even bought the strategy guide for Saints Row 2 (although i haven't used it yet, only browsed through it), i usually don't buy strategy guides and when i do it usually means i like the game a lot and want to try to get everything possible out of it.

So after all this console (and mostly single player) gaming i am beginning to wonder if i am burned out on MMO's, some of the upcoming MMO's that i was really excited for don't seem that exciting anymore.
I guess only time will tell, for now i am having lots of fun playing Saints Row 2 and Fable 2.

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