donderdag 24 februari 2011

Happy 4th !! Another year gone by..

So another year went by (on Feb 18th) and this blog is now level 4.
Looking back i see how my blog kinda changed over the years, from mostly diary type of posts to attempts of "writing".

I have also noted by postcounts have gone up and down, i remember the days of Tabula Rasa where i would be posting almost every day about my adventures while questing and exploring, often trying to come up with the coolest screenshots i could find.
Ever since TR went down so went my posting, i still post every now and then about my gaming but looking back, i think none of my current games makes me as exciting as TR did, Tabula Rasa alone has 92 entries on this blog and none of the games i play come close to that (yet).

At the moment i am really looking forward to Star Wars the Old Republic and i also hope this game will excite me enough to really pick up on posting more.

I will often get ideas about stuff i wanne post about, but often it doesn't result in a decent blogpost, at least not to my liking, so i don't post.
Every day i look at my blog and tell myself i wanna post something, i should post something, but when there is nothing that sparks my interrest enough to get me to write....

Lately i have been thinking however about maybe trying it a bit different and the blog Bullet Points gave me that idea, just post little notes about the games i play or stuff that interrests me instead of trying to write an "article" about one subject (and then not post it because i don't like the post).
I really like the format and enjoy reading the Bullet points blog.

But of course having an idea is one thing, to start posting is another..
I really wanne try and get back to the days of the "diary" posts but also add a little more, i mean i could start posting screenshots and add a line of text to it but i really want it to be more than that. Looking back to those posts, they are nice screenshots and it's nice to see what i am playing, but with Raptr and stuff like that, those posts are probably not very interresting to anyone reading this blog as you can already see what i am playing on Raptr.

In short, this blog isn't going anywhere.
I just need a little kick in the butt to get me going again :)

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  1. Congratulations on your 4th year!

    And I quite enjoy the style on the Bullet Points blog too, wish I could pull it off as well as Anjin :P