vrijdag 31 januari 2014

Past and future, looking back almost 7 years..

As another blog anniversary draws closer, i look back, Feb 18th marks the 7th year of this blog, to realise i have not been doing much with my blog.
Gaming has been taking kind of a backseat in the ride of real life, i still play games and enjoy them, but there are just other things in my life that are more important to me than gaming right now.

Since i started this blog i always felt this was my "gaming blog" and stuck to posting about my gaming and nothing else.
As i started to game less, i didn't feel like writing about gaming at all, i just don't have anything left to say, other than maybe the occasional"wow that's a great game" or "that sucked" and i really didn't feel like putting that up here, as i can do that on twitter or my other social media.

I guess social media is also partly to blame for not writing as much, as thoughts go straight to those sources and i no longer take the time (or the effort) to write a post about it.

So what about this blog?...

Well i have been thinking about that for a long time, it's been with me for almost 7 years now and i feel it's part of me and i am not willing to let it go :)
I am however going to change this blog from a pure gaming blog to, probably, a more personal blog and write about whatever keeps me busy or keeps me going, meaning real life stuff :)

Some of the readers of this blog, if there are any left, might not like what i have to say or blog about, so i am sorry in advance, but sinci it is my blog i feel i can write about whatever i like.

I would like to thank everyone who reads, has read, ever followed this blog, i have always said i write for myself, not for my readers, but it was always cool to know people were reading my posts and, heck, might even enjoy them :)

So i will travel on: To worlds unknown.

Afterall, it is all about the journey, not the destination.

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