dinsdag 20 februari 2007


Just played a little before going to work.
Worked on my harvesting skills, went up to 100 in lumberjacking and 166 in harvesting. I am now a skill 162 harvester.

Placed some of my harvested goods on a vendor (timber and hides), hoping some crafters have a use for it (and of course to make a little cash).
I am thinking about trying out crafting, might be fun.
That's what i really like about this game, you're not limited to doing combat. You can go out harvesting (can include combat if you're going for hides), or do diplomacy, or craft stuff, so whatever i feel like doing i can. Sometimes combat tends to get boring and it's great to have an alternative.
Diplomacy is also great, it's like a card game within the game and has been lots of fun for me and sure is a lot more fun than doing quests to go out and kill x amount of y and x amount of z.

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