zondag 18 februari 2007

Solo vs. Group play

Recently i've seen lots of discussions about group or solo play (even ingame).
Don't get me wrong, if you're into group play that's great, but i do think forcing people into group play is wrong, especially if a quest needs to be completed in order to continue a questline.

Personally i don't like grouping up, unless i really have to. I like soloing, it gives me a feeling of accomplishing something, especially in difficult quests, the feeling i get when doing a group mission solo and beating it is awesome.
When in a group, finishing a quest doesn't feel like i accomplished anything on top of that i hate having to depend on other players or wait for other players to form a group.

In SWG i accomplished almost everything solo, even the group missions (like the Avatar Station at Kashyyyk), from the top of my head the only mission i could not do solo was the beetle cave on Mustafar (although i did get very close to beating it solo).

So far in Vanguard i have done everything solo, but i am stuck right now on a few quests that are to hard to solo, but i refuse to group up, i'll just try to level up and try the quests again until i succeed.

Look at it the other way, if you like to group up and would be forced to go solo, would you like it ?.......... probably not.

All group missions should be possible to do solo, if one chooses to do so, don't destroy my gameplay experience/fun by forcing me to group up, it should be a choice.

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