zaterdag 9 juni 2007

Gold anyone ?

Gold seller spamming has been on the rise in Star Wars Galaxies.
Until recently i hardly noticed it, might have gotten an ingame email or 2 before but that was about it.

However that has changed, gold sellers are becoming more "agressive", lately they are standing outside the Mos Eisley starport spamming their shit every 5 seconds, making normal converstation impossible.
At times there's several of them spamming at the same time (i've seen at least 4 at one point), but it's rare not to see at least one.

Why is it that you never used to see them before (eventhough gold selling has always been there) and now there swarming like cockroaches.
I reckon being able to download and play the trial of SWG for free, gives them an ideal possiblitie to get ingame without having to pay, as they know their account will be banned.
However they will just create a new account and start their shit all over again...

Personally i always do a /report when i see a gold seller/spammer and after that /addignore so i won't have to see their spam anymore.
Eventually the one reported will dissapear, but within minutes a new one will pop up again and it will start all over again.
So it's not really helping to stop them that way, it's probably just annoying them.
SOE does ask their players to report all gold sellers, but what good does it do when it takes forever before they are gone and it takes minutes for a new one to pop up

Is it so hard to stop them ?
No, when someone wants to play the trial, require a credit card from them to activate their account, that way you can keep track, when a gold seller gets banned a few times for RMT activities his/her credit card gets banned and no more free trials for that person who uses the credit card for creating a new account, i doubt they have that many credit cards to keep going for long, so it will at least.

Or if SOE doesn't want to do that, force trial players to finish a certain amount of missions on the starting station/tutorial before they are allowed to enter the world, i doubt gold sellers want to spent a few hours going through missions before they can go into the world to start their spam, knowing they will be banned.

So far it doesn't seem SOE is doing much, they don't want it in their game, but it doesn't look like they're activly fighting it, other than banning trial accounts, that are free to get anyway...

So come on SOE, get off your butts and start tearing these sellers/spammers apart dammit

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