maandag 18 juni 2007

Sword of the New World: Granado Espada

SWORD OF THE NEW WORLD: GRANADO ESPADA is the revolutionary MMORPG destined to conquer the West. In Korea, it won the award for Best Graphics and also captured the prestigious 2006 Presidential Award for Game of the Year. The game was developed by Hakkyu Kim, CEO of imcGAMES and creator of Ragnarok Online. Set on a vast, dangerous continent with a story inspired by Europe’s exploration of the Americas, this blade dominates with thrilling graphics, groundbreaking design, and fast-paced, action-packed gameplay.


# Powerful Multi-Character Control (MCC) gives players simultaneous command of up to three characters. With MCC, players can instantly switch between their favorite character classes or control them all at once. Sword of the New World is the only MMORPG to offer the ability to play multiple characters simultaneously.
# Striking Original Graphics. Sword of the New World’s bold art direction was inspired by the supremacy of Europe’s Baroque period. Stunning graphics make this title as thrilling to look at as it is to play, and the game’s brilliant design allows it to run on a variety of systems.
# Knock-Out Classes – Fighter, Wizard, Musketeer, Scout, and Elementalist – are created in an impressive barracks under one family name, which each character carries as a surname. A Family Points system tracks accomplishments, gives prestige, and opens game features.
# Exciting Stances deliver unmatched gameplay variety and depth. Each class can change between several distinct stances, and each stance offers unique skills, abilities, and equipment options. For example, the Scout class can provide potent heals, empowering buffs, devastating traps, and lethal damage.
# Intense PvE and PvP Combat challenge players with rapid, dynamic action, whether they solo or group. Extraordinary monsters populate open environments, and epic bosses dwell in fantastic instance zones. Player vs. player is integrated in higher zones, and adventurers of any level can fight in the arenas with Family vs. Family Duels and City vs. City Battles.
# FREE to Discover and Free2Play™, this unprecedented PC title will be free to download and offer a variety of service options to best cater to the needs of individual players.

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