zondag 23 september 2007

Game Designer

I didn't really game much today as i spend most of my time working on my home study course (i am taking a course called "Game Designer").
I won't be getting a degree or a diploma or anything with it but i thought it would be a lot of fun learning more about what it takes to design a game and to (try) make games myself.

Basicly most of the material used in this course comes from two books:
1. Fundamentals of Game Design by Ernest adams and Andrew Rollings
2. The Game Maker's Apprentice: Game development for beginners by Mark Overmars (link)

The second book has a sofware tool called "Game Maker", used to create games.

The course also comes with lots of cool, classic DOS games like Cannon Fodder, James Pond, MDK and Frogger.

So far it's lots of fun, still have about four months of study to go.

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