zaterdag 8 september 2007

The Gimme NOW!! generation..

Ok, so after the wipe everyone had to start all over again in the Tabula Rasa beta, no problem.

So on my way to the first logo, i see there's 3 people allready there so i wait in line for my turn.
These logos are on some sort of timer, so when someone is allready using it you can't and have to wait a little for it to "reset".


So i patiently wait in line until it is my turn, low and behold, when it was my turn, even before i could activate the logo, some asshole comes walking up and activates it and walks of, leaving me to wait again, i cursed.
Just to make sure this wouldn't happen again, i kept pushing the "use" key, hopefully to prevent someone from "stealing" it again, needles to say, two more assholes managed to just walk up and steal it right in front of me.

I guess no one feels the need anymore to be nice to other people and just wait for your turn and let someone who got there before you go first (jerks).

It's the same in many other mmo's, kill stealing seems to be rather normal these days (and i've seen loads of that in Tabula Rasa the last few days).

I remember (in some other game), waiting for a spawn for over half an hour, when it finally spawned i engaged in combat only to see someone else pop up out of nowhere and get the kill on the mob.

....and still people think it's wierd that i'd rather solo (in an mmo).

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