woensdag 25 februari 2009

Soloing isn't that bad :)

sr2_pc 2009-02-22 07-49-41-95

I have not been playing any MMO's for at least a couple of weeks, but i've been having a lot of fun with Saints Row 2.
Despite many flaws/bugs, like stuff dissapearing in front of your eyes, framerate issues (try driving a car through traffic with 7 FPS) not to mention that when i installed the game i had to download some third party DLL files to make it run, apperantly i had to "emulate" my keyboard and mouse to an Xbox controler to stop the menu from scrolling...
Also until a recent update, i couldn't run this game in widescreen (16:9 resolution)...

They obviously put very little work in making this PC port, bad, bad job :(

But having said that i am still having a lot of fun playing this game.

I also got GTA 4 for the PC (allready played it on the X360, but never finished it), but i am liking Saints Row a lot more.

Next to that i started playing the old Fallout games, i got Fallout and Fallout 2 through GOG.com, i have to admit i never played them before, but since i like Fallout 3 so much i really wanted to check them out and for $12 what's there to loose right?

So for now it looks like i will be mainly playing single player games, but might get back into some MMO's sometime soon... or am i done playing MMO's..??

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