woensdag 18 maart 2009

Back into space

SwgClient_r 2009-03-18 13-14-34-81

Been working on my expertise for my smuggler, changing it from full Beast Master spec to a Smuggler/BM spec made it possible to be a bit more effective in fights, but i am still not able to beat lvl 90 elites.
I can take on 3 normal lvl 90 at the same time and i did manage to kill a couple of lvl 87 silver elites, but they were very tough fights, also lost a couple.

Still need to lvl up my pet who is now a lvl 38, but to more effective i might also need a pet with better stats, my current, a Fanged Tiglon doesn't have really good stats, but i like it too much to get a new pet :)

Also went back into space to work on my space collections, curently working on my "Void Wing" kill quota, only need about 150 kills to get my tier 2, found a nice spot with a steady spawn that also has some Black Sun around so i can get some kills into that collection too.

Also remembered i still need to master pilot, but that last mission to master is a pain when trying to solo, although i haven't tried it in a long time, might give it another go sometime soon, i'd really like to get out of my fighter and fly that YT-1300 that has been in my storage for so long..

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