zondag 8 maart 2009

Operation Games for Windows Life - Failed

Fallout3 2009-03-07 22-10-57-32

Eventhough i bought Operation Anchorage for Fallout 3, it was apperantly not installed...
For some reason Games for Windows Live wouldn't update because my system had a different language than the automatic update Games for Windows Live was recieving, i was redirected to a Windows site with a possible solution, that of course didn't work either...

Even downloading and re-installing the latest version of GfWL didn't solve thas issue, what a piece of crap.
Going through and installing all available updates for Windows itself... you guessed it, didn't work either.
But eventually Google came to the rescue, i searched for the error message i was getting when trying to install Operation Anchorage and i found a forumpost having that same problem and by clicking on a possible solution from a poster i was finaly able to find a post that had a link to the the Dutch language update for WinXP/GfWL.
Apperantly it is to difficult for Microsoft to support different language systems with their software....

Anyway.. on to Operation Anchorage, i definatly enjoyed it, it felt a bit (too) short as i went through it in a few hours and i don't think you can do it again, eventhough i think it would be awesome, afterall it is a simulation program, so why not give you the option to run it again??

The gameplay (and scenery) felt different enough to give a little change of action and i had a lot of fun running through it.
I think i got most of the content done, i only missed one intelligence briefcase (only got 9/10), but since there is no going back i won't be able to search for the last one :(

If you like Fallout 3, Operation Anchorage is deffinatly worth getting.

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