donderdag 20 augustus 2009

Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth

I have been in the Fallen Earth beta for some time and i have to say it's a nice game, definatly a change.
Personally i don't like the combat (so far), but of course this is beta so things might still change.

What i do like however is the crafting/scavenging system in Falen Earth.
I have spend hours on end just scavenging and only doing combat when being attacked.

Especially when playing a "Traveller", you get a lot of crafting quests, and most of the components needed to finish those quests can be found by scavenging or by trading your scavenged good for other items.

I will definatly check this game out when it is released, however i fear that for me it will not be an MMO i will be playing as my main MMO, more of an "on the side" MMO, so it will also depend on the pricing/subscription plans they will be releasing it with.

Personally i really don't want anymore subscriptions, in fact i am allready considering cancelling most (if not all) of my MMO subscriptions.
So i am really hopng they will be going for a "Free to Play" model, like apperantly All Points Bulletin is going to, another game i am definatly interrested in.

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