donderdag 20 augustus 2009

Into Oblivion and beyond

Oblivion 2009-08-10 07-11-04-07

Been spending a lot of time playing Oblivion and Fallout 3 mostly.
Decided to try get back into Oblivion, eventhough i previously had troubles with a corrupt savegame.

Just installed a lot of mods and (community made) fixes and low and behold my savegame started working again.
Before, the game would crash right after loading into the game as soon as i started moving.
But since installing the mods/fixes everything is working again.

I think it'sjust awesome to see how many really outstanding mods are made for this game, it definatly extends the gameplay.
And playing this game at a 3840x1024 resolution is really awesome.
Really been loving my time back in Oblivion

Currently my gaming hours are cut a bit short due to computer problems, seems my new quadcore processor is not supported by my motherboard and is causing read/write erors in the RAM, really sucks, especially since the latest BIOS dates back to may 2008.
But new processor (which is even better and more important supported) is ordered so hopefully i will be fixing this in the next few days.

I did finally get back into a little MMO time, decided to check LOTRO out again, of course this game looks stunning in 3840x1024 and with the help of my new GTX 295 videocard (and my old 8800GTX as a PhysX card instead of my Ageia PhysX card) it runs quite well between 40-70 FPS

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