maandag 25 oktober 2010

Not bored yet


I have been having a lot of fun in WoW lately, i am definatly enjoying this game more and more.
I feared that once i would reach lvl 80 i would be "done" with the game (has happened to me before in MMO's) but that was not the case with WoW.
I still have plenty of stuff to do, some of them achievement related, but i am also having lots of fun using the random dungeon finder and i am definatly getting interrested in raiding more and more.

One of the achievements i am currently working in is the loremaster achievement, this achievement has me running all over the old worlds, completing any quests that i may have missed.
It's actually more fun than i thought and it gives me a great oppertunity to see the old world once more before Cataclysm tears it appart :)
Just the other day i got the "2000 quests" achievement but i am still a long way before completing the loremaster achievement, my current "score" is: Loremaster of Kalimdor 463/685 and Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms 491/550 and then of course i still have to finish the other loremaster titles, but for now i am concentrating on the old world.

Over the weekend i have not been playing much as i was glued to the screen watching BlizzCon (oh man i am turning into a fanboy), and eventhough it was somewhat dissapointing with the announcements (Diablo 3's final class the Demon Hunter a new charity pet for WoW), i did like some of the stuff coming from the panels, i am especially excited about the new "enhanced maps" feature coming in the very near future, although some addon makers and websites are probably not to happy about it.
It will feature maps for every dungeon and lots of info about the bosses (special abbilities etc.), basicly a lot of stuff that you now get from addons like Atlas and websites like Wowhead.
They are also going to break down the dungeons into chunks, so no more wandering around for hours and getting lost in dungeons.

I also have to say i was glued to the screen for some of the Starcraft 2 and WoW tournament matches, if you think you are really good (or elite) check out some of these matches..
After watching these matches, i know i suck at these games :)
But i am having fun playing them so who cares!

So looking back at the weekend i would say it was definatly worth getting a virtual pass for Blizzcon, although RayV was far from perfect, but i still had 3 channels to watch (main floor, Starcraft 2 Tournament and the WoW Tournament), of course that also means missing some stuff, but i have plenty of time watching that "on demand" through their website.

And of course The D was awesome..

Now to get that awesome pet.. :)

See you in Azaroth

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