donderdag 30 september 2010

This is not MyLotro

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A recent "One Shot" on Massively, called Peacefull Protest, reminded me of the fact that, in the EU we're still lagging behind compared to the US players.
There is still no MyLotro and of course we are still waiting on the F2P move.

Information has been lacking from Codemasters and many people are still wondering if/when things will happen, i have yet to come across an official announcement containing a definate date, the latest word was they will be "aiming to release within the next few weeks".

Personally i am not effected by the F2P much (or at least i don't think i am) as i have had a lifetime sub for LOTRO since launch, but i still think this is a major dissapointment and to me it clearly shows Codemasters is not capable of running an MMO of the caliber of LOTRO.

The way this game has been run by Codemasters from the start has definatly effected my interrest in playing LOTRO (wish i could change my EU account to a US account), i am sure things are not as smooth on the US side as they probably have their problems but i think the EU side has definatly been run worse. As of today i am still waiting on an email with a link to download my "Mini Prima Booklet" that was suppose to be part of the collectors edition (last email about that dates from April 24th 2007, not that i really care about that booklet, but still if they can't run something like that properly, how are they gonna run an MMO..

When i first read about LOTRO going F2P, i was actually suprised, but definatly had my hopes up that Turbine was going to take over the EU side and we would finally get the same features and support the US side are getting, but i guess there will still be no MyLotro community for the EU players.

Still think LOTRO is a beautifull game and i do occasionally log in to play, but i just wish it had nothing to do with CM.

And to get back to where i started, the "One Shot", i noticed that this was actually taking place on my server, if i had been playing at that time i would have definatly joined them, not that it would have mattered/changed anything, Codemasters probably doesn't care and likely didn't even noticed it, but it is the thought that counts and probably the only thing you can do to show your dissapointment in CM.

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