zaterdag 2 april 2011

Through the hellgate

Hellgate_sp_dx10_x64 2011-04-02 03-40-16-60

Today i was browsing through my screenshots folder and saw my Hellgate London screenies and felt the urge to play that game again, so as a result spent most of the day playing Hellgate London.

I still like the game, it is as much fun as it was way back, it's still a fun game as a singleplayer game, personally i always enjoyed the singleplayer more than the multiplayer.

Quite some time ago there was some news about Hellgate coming back as Hellgate London Resurrection, but it seems that after the initial news there's still no re-release of the game.
Personally i think it's a shame as it really was not a bad game, luckily we still can play the game singleplayer whether we get a resurrection or not.

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