woensdag 27 april 2011

Wandering the wastelands


For the last couple of weeks i have been playing nothing but Fallout new Vegas, i played it as soon as Steam released it but only played for a few hours and hadn't touched it since.
For some reason i never liked it as much as i did Fallout 3, eventhough i was very excited for Fallout NV.
Maybe for me it just didn't live up to Fallout 3..

But i picked it up again a few weeks ago, installed a whole bunch of mods, started playing and i have to say i am now really enjoying myself.
I did like the Fallout 3 "world" more than the Fallout NV world, but the storyline and sidequests in Fallout NV are definatly fun.

I am really trying to take my time going through it and exploring the world, i don't wanna finish the main questline too soon, as i think the game ends (just like Fallout 3 did before DLC came out), which is a major bummer as it always makes me weary while playing down the main story, as i really would like to know what happened.

I am also trying to stay away from walkthroughs to see what the "right" option is and try to do whatever i feel is right and that does sometimes makes for difficult decisions, just when you think you know who you wanna support something happens that makes you doubt them.
There have been a few occasions where i just sat there staring at the screen, trying to go over that conversation again and again for 15 minutes (or longer) just to come up with a decision that i feel is right.

One of the really fn things to do is just go out and explore, there are many fun things to discover and sometimes suprising things come your way while exploring (just like it did in F3).
Sometimes i just enjoy wandering around for periods at a time, not working on any quests, just pick a direction and start walking and see whatever comes my way.
I even set my character to always walk, so it gives that extra feeling of wandering and the game definatly is a lot more fun when you're not running/fast travelling from quest objective to objective and delivering a bunch of supplies from one end of the map to the other end of the map without fast travelling to your destination can really take you a long time and often i will get distracted by someting i see on my way totally forgetting about that delivery.

The quests are definatly a lot of fun, but more often that not i enjoy the simple wandering across the wastelands more and just see what comes my way.

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