maandag 16 mei 2011

New Vegas, a world that never changes,

Yesterday i finished the main questline and so ending Fallout New Vegas.
i think i got the ending i wanted, i went for the "Wild Card" quests and a free independant New Vegas with Yes Man.
Managed to gain support from the khans, the Remnents, Boomers and The Brotherhood of Steel, brought Cachino to power with the Omertas and gained his support.

My initial thought when i started playing was to go the NCR route and help them get to power, Mr House just didn't seem right to me as i thought he was just some AI.
But along the way i learned more and more about the NCR and started to doubt them, i think they were the good guys but their methods were not always nice.

At some point i thought the Followers of the Apocalypse had the right ideas but they were not one of the factions you could help bring to power, so instead i decided to go with Yes Man and take over New Vegas.

The ending "slideshow" was nice and you are told what the results of your actions were and that's it, the end.
Really felt like an anti climax, i really wanted to see and feel the changes in the world and experience what i had caused in New Vegas.

I had a mod installed that ported me to the Lucky 38 after the slideshow so i can continue playing, but it just doesn't feel right as you are basicly sent to a world before the battle at the dam and nothing has changed.
I do still have a save right before going to that battle and i am actually thinking about going from there and not do the end battle as that would feel more like it is suppose to be.

To me this is a really big dissapointment to have a great game like this end in such an anti climax.
At least the game should have allowed you to experience the world after the battle and see the consequences of your actions, but i guess i should not have been surprised, afterall Fallout 3 ended quiet abruptly too before the DLC came out.

Well a few more days and we'll have new DLC for FNV and i am really hoping for the same thing they did for F3, a never ending game..


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