dinsdag 10 mei 2011

Armors of the wasteland

For some time I have been looking for an armor mod that gives me the "right" feeling, an armor that fits in the wasteland, there are many really cool looking armors to be found on the Nexus sites.

I have tried out many armors but most of them look either to new or shiny or simply doesn't fit within the game (or the lore).
I mean it makes no sense to walk around in a great looking shiny, new looking armor while the rest of the world walks around in beaten down, patched up and worn down clothing or armor, often created from stuff found on the scrapyard or in the wastes.
I am not saying these armors suck, i really do think there are quite a few really great looking armors out there, but to me they just don't fit with the game/lore, but i guess that's really up to you and how you experience or wanna experience the game.

However i think i finally found some armor sets that look pretty cool and actually fit in the world.

on the left is Cass, she is wearing her original armor as i think it allready looks really cool, so i didn't wanna change her, in the middle is my char and she is wearing the Wasteland Courier armor and Veronica on the right is wearing the Courier Merc Armor.

I really think these armors give the right feeling when wandering the wasteland or travel through towns and it doesn't give me the feeling my character is out off place.

When going through the Nexus sites most of the armor you find is either sexy/skimpy (read armored bikinis), manga looking or just plain wierd looking, so i am glad i found these armors, it definatly adds a little to my gameplay experience.

There is also another mod i'd like to point out and that is Tailor Maid - NV, this mod adds a lot of stuff that you can use to give your character that feeling of an armor put together from stuff found in the wastes or stuff taken from defeated enemies along with a few very good looking armors, like the armor seen in my previous post.

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