zondag 17 juni 2012

Hellgate Global: From London to Tokyo

I recently started reading Helgate: London Exodus and reading that book reminded me how much i enjoyed the game and even more the whole back story and lore behind this game.

Maybe the game itself didn't do justice to the lore, but it is still a lot of fun to play.
Reading the books made me realise how much more awesome this game could have been..

Even after Hellgate: London was taken down you could still play the game in singleplayer mode.
The game has now relaunched as Hellgate Global and is free to play up to a certain point, there are definitely some cash shop purchases required to enjoy the full game.

I ended up in the beta for Hellgate Global but for some reason i could not log in to my account, as no matter what i tried my password was not accepted, a couple of days ago i finally managed to get my password reset and am now playing :)

The game is not without it's problems, i am very surprised to still see some bugs there that were allready in the Hellgate: London beta way back, but so far it is not all game breaking.
The only major problem is lag spikes, there are moments in combat where everything freezes up for several seconds or you get a framerate of 1 fps.
There also seems to be very little (gm) support, gold spammers are sometimes spamming chat for hours.

Despite everything i still love this game and can't wait to see what the future brings for this game.
I allready had a little taste of Tokyo, which looks pretty good, can't wait to see where the story brings me, most of the story i allready played through with Hellgate: London although some things seem to have changed.

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