zaterdag 1 december 2012

Restless Gamer Syndrome

I guess it has something to do with the time of the year.
Somehow most of the year i am pretty happy playing whatever i am playing, however when i gets towards that last few months of the year it seems as if i am getting bored/unhappy with the games i am playing and start looking for new games to play and jump from one to another.

Don't know if it is just me or if other gamers have the same thing :)

So i have been looking and playing (and trying) lots of games, lately and one of my favorite places to check for games has become kickstarter.
There are quite a few games that have caught my attention and i can't wait to check those games out.
Here's just a few:
Wasteland 2 -
Shadowrun Returns -
Project Eternity -
Star Citizen -
Shadowgate -
Sui Generis -
Limit Theory -
Elite: Dangerous -
The Infection Simulation -

Other than that i have been getting back into some of my "old" games like The Sims 3, Darkstar One, Freelancer and of course the Steam sale left me with many games to play...
I am also having lots of fun in Sleeping Dogs, always like these open world kinda games and i think it is one of the reasons why i actually play MMO's, just to get that feeling of an open (big) world to explore and adventure in.
I have also been looking at some browser games like World of Steam (Beta), Drakensang Online and Battlestar Galactica Online.

At the moment i just can't get myself to play any of my MMO's, although i did play a little WoW just to check out Mists of Pandaria but other than that it's mostly singleplayer games i am playing.

Another thing that might have contributed. was the fact that i (re)discovered cycling during my summer hollidays and started cycling a lot and enjoying it a lot, that got my mind off of gaming and i didn't play much the months after that (hence the long period of me not gaming/blogging).
Until a couple of weeks ago the weather was quite pleasent to be cycling, but with the cold weather lately i guess my interrest in gaming got back :)

Now to get into my huge backlog of games..

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