zaterdag 19 mei 2007


While reading up on the new chapter coming for SWG (have to admit haven't been paying much attention to SWG), which will add the beastmaster profession, i am getting exited (well.. a little bit), looks like beastmaster could be a lot of fun, if they implement it right.

Here's a little quote from an article:

"Creating the pet is only the beginning of the process in our Beast Master system. Once the pet is hatched, the player must nurture their companion and engage in the advancement of their pet. We added in a variety of personalities for the pets to truly make the behavior of each one unique. Each pet has certain activities that it likes (and doesn't like) to do, such as eating certain foods, attacking other creatures, doing tricks, visiting certain planets, or event watching entertainers perform. Another facet of the growth process is the discovery of special attacks and teaching them to the pet. Players must seek out other similar creatures and observe them in combat to learn more about the abilities they can then teach to their pets. We also put in some non-combat pet actions for players such as a pig ability, "Truffle Pig," that assists with foraging and a monkey ability, "Helper Monkey," that increases the character's crafting skill."

Could be a lot of fun, nurturing a pet and see it grow up :)
It definatly brings new content to the game, which is desperatly needed.

Read more from the quoted article "SWG State of the game" here

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