zaterdag 19 mei 2007

Empire at War

I've not been playing much MMO's lately, i dusted of Star Wars Empire at War reinstalled it and bought the Forces of Corruption expansion, having lots of fun playing the campaign and galactic conquests as the Zann Consortium, playing against the Empire and the Rebellion.

I also reinstalled Star Wars Battlefront II, still don't like the online play but the campaigns are fun.

I did log in to LOTRO after recieving an email from (where i bought my LOTRO collectors edition) with a keycode for a bonus item "Cloak of Respite"and upon login i actually found 2 new cloaks in my inventory, the cloak of respite and the cloak of Journey's end, stats on them are the same as the 2 cloaks i got with the collectors edition, they only have different graphics.

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