woensdag 30 mei 2007

My first pet

Well after creating my first mount i created my first pet, he's a Bocatt (found on Tatooine).


It's been a lot of fun going out and train him and do stuff.
These animals seem very picky about likes and don't likes.

My Bocatt absolutely hates to do tricks (it makes him annoyed) but he seems to like killing stuff, NPC's or other animals, he doesn't get excited doing it but it keeps him happy.
He seems to hate being on Corellia but when i take him to Naboo he gets excited, so far other planets don't do much for him.
As for food, well he will accept almost all foods, but only gets excited about one particular food, he hates one type of food (but he will eat it).

I didn't think he would be very powerfull as i didn't put much effort in the enzymes i used to make him, but right now he is taking on animals and NPC's double his level without too much problems (he survives), although it does matter how happy he is, the less happy (or more annoyed) he is the less effective he becomes in combat.


I haven't named him yet as i am trying to come up with a nice name..

I have a second pet about to hatch, a Mynock :)
Though it would be fun to also have a flying pet.

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